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Thu 03/30/23 09:56 AM

Sending you all my best wishes :four_leaf_clover::sparkling_heart:

Danke Larsi, me lad...
Thinking about you and sending you an abundance light and love

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Thu 03/30/23 09:54 AM

Another year gone- Merry's
Birthday is on
Cute little girl
Delightful doll
Enthusiastic role
Fantastically great
Gallantly nice
Happy lady
Intriguing charm
Jovially warm
Kind hearted
Lovely enough
Making merry
Naughty nutty
Overall beauty
Pacific gesture
Queenly nurture
Really good
Smartly Clever
Trust worthy
Ultra smart
Very interesting
Wishing well - on birthday
Xenas be forever
Youthful energy grow
Zestfully ever flow !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :evergreen_tree::bouquet:

Thank you Vibes, I appreciate the sentiment and the words. :bouquet::hibiscus:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:49 AM

It is always said that Confidence is the best thing a Woman can Wear & you are making this statement TRUE.
Wake Up "Merry" and see how "Many" of them are wishing you H B D , including ME . G B U !!

Thank you Laska, this is a lovely message. A little bit of a riddle, but I enjoyed it. It made me smile :bouquet:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:47 AM

Happy birthday, beautiful lady! I hope you have a magical and special day. :tada::heartpulse:

Thank you beautiful Bonnie! It's been very special and memorable for all the right reasons :hibiscus::bouquet::tulip:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:45 AM

Happy birthday Merry!πŸ₯³:confetti_ball::gift::tada::balloon:

Thank you gorgeous! :hugging::hibiscus::bouquet:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:44 AM

Have a wonderful day Merry flowers

Thank you so much, lovely Di :two_hearts::bouquet:
I appreciate the well wishes

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Thu 03/30/23 09:42 AM

Happy birthday to the girl next door. May all you wishes marry on this special day. Just dont marry on Merry's day

:sweat_smile:🀭 Cute! 🀭
Thank you RC! You always welcome for tea :bouquet::tulip::sparkles:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:40 AM

Happy Birthday Merry ... hope you have an awesome day , and may all your dreams come true ...
Betting you get greetings from Cyril Ramaphosa, President also ....

Uncle Cyril does not care about me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Thank you SG, it is so appreciated :hibiscus::hugging::bouquet:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:38 AM

Happy Birthday to the pretty princess Merry.
I hope you have a wonderful day and get all the sweets and treats your BIG great desires. :nerd:πŸ¦‹πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ₯³πŸ§:birthday::cake::gift::balloon:

Only the sweetest human being on the planet would be so kind... πŸ¦‹:rose:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:35 AM

Happy birthday Merry ! :tada::dancer::innocent:

ot: everybody view her profile, btw it doesn't count if you view in stealth mode

Thank you my partner in "Tick/ Tock" :tulip::hugging:

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Thu 03/30/23 09:34 AM

Happy Birthday to the sweetest and loveliest lady on Mingle.flowerforyou

Thank you so much Poetry for the very kind start to my birthday. I really appreciate it. :hibiscus::bouquet::hugging:.

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Wed 03/29/23 01:39 PM


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Wed 03/29/23 01:33 PM

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Wed 03/29/23 01:24 PM

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Wed 03/29/23 12:54 PM

DA: What do I have in common with Norah Jones, Celine Dion, Eric Clapton, Paul Reiser, Vincent Van Gogh, Piers Morgan, MC Hammer, Warren Beatty, Robbie Coltrane & Tracy Chapman? :nerd:

DA: Birthday on March 30!!!! What did I win?

Well Done!
Win...? No idea, I'll have to call the 1-800 number to find out

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Tue 03/28/23 12:56 PM

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Tue 03/28/23 12:52 PM

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Tue 03/28/23 12:40 PM

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Tue 03/28/23 12:21 PM

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Tue 03/28/23 12:20 PM

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