kc0003 "Here for the popcorn"
92 year old man from Somewhere, Arkansas      Looking for friendship Last seen over a month ago
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i have been beaten up, kicked aside, left behind, taken advantage of and damaged, (just like most people that life on this planet) but not to the point that i have become a jaded cynic or a bitter broken person. i am single, no kids, no drama, no crazy exes, no handicaps, (except for the ones i create myself). i am a liberal thinker. i am a good friend. i enjoy the simple things in life, (children's laughter, the sky, autumns colors and springs rebirth, the afterglow, kindness...ect.). i also enjoy the more refined things, (a good wine, art, the form of a woman's body, intellect, music...ect.). i don't care about age, race, religion or social up-bringing. what i care about is the human aspect of life's experiences; both the good and the bad, as they each come and go seemingly with little regard for the individuals involved. (in other words, **** happens, so it's best to find someone that can stand up and take it, rather than run and hide) i speak my mind, (most of the time) i tell the truth, i laugh and i cry. yes, i am human. complete with faults and shortcomings. occasionally i write, here are some examples of my work. (from my youtube channel, thekcvoice.) http://youtu.be/P51tmeKW5Sg beautifully cracked http://youtu.be/NXBoNRygNPU in the light II http://youtu.be/AmxjWIc7P20 cherry flavored lightning http://youtu.be/IGMldIVm9rA the inviting kiss http://youtu.be/DU6PJFM3xKo they like it when I bleed http://youtu.be/wFKew2wU5dI poem xx neruda
Profession: self employed
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5' 7"
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White / Caucasian
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Never married
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