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Where are the REAL MEN? I’m tired of frauds, scammers and perverts. If you are not willing to do a VIDEO CHAT to confirm your identity, then do not contact me. Don’t waste my time with lies and ridiculous excuses. These are serious times and I’m looking for a man who knows how to take love seriously — as well as bring a smile to my face. I guarantee to reciprocate. 😊 The Coronavirus is not “fake news,” and anyone who thinks so is an idiot. My Family and friends are in danger on the frontlines of healthcare, some didn’t make it in 2020. So I am in no mood for ignorance and BS!! Please do not hide your face behind dark glasses, hats, dogs, cats, cars or other distractions. I want to focus on you, your face and your character, your values and beliefs. Speaking of which, I am not “God-fearing” or religious, so kindly cross me off your list if this is a deal-breaker for you. I do believe in spirituality, ethics and integrity, as anchors for my moral compass. I am a responsible,  educated, smart, honest woman who works as a healthcare management consultant. I'm looking for a good, HONEST, kind, sensual, sensitive, moral man who is still excited about life and finding his true love and hasn't lost his passion or compassion for others. Racial and ethnic identity are not important to me, but being culturally and politically aware is important. Being truthful, especially when it hurts, is a must. If you love the arts (theatre, music, movies, dance), live a healthy life, then we may have some common ground as potential soulmates.      Unless you’re in the Witness Protection Program, or hiding from your wife, it makes no sense to be on a dating site and not post a single photo! (Ok, maybe a few rare exceptions.) I love FAMILY and have a diverse beautiful one whom I spend time with, so it’s a big priority. I love my country but if you’re a fan of “45” aka COVID-Spreader-in-Chief, I doubt we’ll get along. I’m looking forward to Biden-Harris “restoring the soul” of America in 2021!! Best wishes in your search! SCAMMERS, don’t waste your time on me, unless you want to wind up on a police report! ###
Profession: Health care executive

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5' 4"
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Black / African descent


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Yes, sometimes they live at home
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