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49 year old woman from Brinson, Georgia      Looking for friendship Last seen within the last four days

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Hi crazy outspoken opionated gal. I'm here for forums so please save the lame come on lines and pics for someone else. I don't answer msgs from people I do not recognize from forums. Ok guy's please save the stupidity for the ditzy girl's I'm not interested. From the msgs I receive I'm sure you idiots can't read 😐 if you look like the muffin man please keep your clothes on. Ok since it's been brought up I'm not fake you weirdos! If you have anymore questions I will need your credit card info for any further communication 😒 but really if you think I'm a spammer or fake move on please don't send crude rude comments. Ok you throwed off punks thinking if ya msg something rude and crude it will get my attention just stop ughh. I will report and block you I don't care if you think I'm fake or ugly. I'm not losing sleep worrying about your thoughts about my attitude. And as far as ladies don't behave that way well you can suck my polla pendejos 🙄. And you the hater who keeps reporting me as a spammer hate on biches! Jealousy shows your insecurities and my goodness how many you have. Oh goodness since it has just been brought to my attention 😂 my theme song is evil like me y'all enjoy. https://youtu.be/PMFWFaSauVU Look at you, look at me I don't know who to be Mother Is it wrong, is it right? Be a thief in the night Mother Tell me what to do I was once like you my child Slightly insecure Argued with my mother too Thought I was mature But I put my heart aside And I used my head Now I think it's time you learned What dear old momma said Don't you wanna be evil like me? Don't you wanna be mean? Don't you wanna make mischief your daily routine? Well you can spend your life attending to the poor But when you're evil doing less is doing more Don't you wanna be ruthless and rotten and mad? Don't you wanna be very, very good at being bad? I have tried my whole life long to do the worst I can Clawed my way to victory Built my master plan Now the time has come my dear for you to take your place Promise me you will try to be an absolute disgrace Don't you wanna be evil like me? Don't you wanna be cruel? Don't you wanna be nasty and brutal and cool? And when you grab that wand that's when your reign begins Who wants an evil queen without a sack of sins? Don't you wanna be heartless and hardin' as stone? Don't you wanna be finger licking' evil to the bone? This is not for us to ponder This was preordained You and I shall rule together Freedom soon regain Mistress of the universe, powerful and strong Daughter, hear me Help me, join me Won't you sing along? Now we're gonna be evil it's true Never gonna think twice And we're gonna be spiteful Yes, spiteful That's nice In just an hour or two Our futures safe and sure This mother, daughter act is going out on tour If you wanna be evil and awful and free Then you should thank your lucky star That you were born the girl you are The daughter of an evilicious queen Like me! Stay tuned for future updates 😂🤣
Profession: Crazy cab driver

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5' 0"
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A few extra pounds
Latino / Hispanic


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