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To the woman who makes me get all weak in the knees, If you end up dating me and we become more than just a dating statistic, then understand that you have completely earned my trust, my loyalty and my respect. I am thinking you will be cute and attractive to me (have to get the obvious out of the way) because, being the vain guy I am, I do have to want to (sometimes) wanna just rip your clothes off and make sweet love to you on the kitchen floor (it will have been cleaned of course, and we will make sure no one is around). And I hope we will be doing crazy stuff like that for a long time, because that is one thing that kills relationships.....passion and creativity (well that is two things but hey....I sucked at math). Yes we all know communication is key but again let's forget the obvious here. If you do not keep that passion going then you are doomed. Simple as doing a logarithm. I'll have a man cave, play video games from time to time, I'll use selective hearing and it will take me a month to fix that leaking faucet you remind me about (five times a week). And even as I get on your nerves by not listening to you 49% of the time, you'll get little surprises that make your heart melt. Such as flowers on a regular Tuesday that are delivered to your work so that the other girls at your workplace will be jealous. I'll cook a meal for you, run a hot bath for you, and even give you a massage when you need it (even if my hands hurt). My point? Even as I aggravate you, I'll amaze you even more. You will stay on my case about that faucet, you will want to shop and steal the covers, you will holler at me during those monthly visits women get, you will make me watch the Hallmark channel. Yet, you will also surprise me by trying to play a video game with me, letting me win an argument every once in a while, wearing that sexy lingerie that you know I like, sending me a selfie just cause you want me to know you still love me, and you will enjoy the game (that is if you aren't a sports fan). You will aggravate me but you will also amaze me even more. We aren't perfect....but together we would be close enough to it. Singed, Goofball73......copyright 2015.
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