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Thanks for stopping by!!FOUR THINGS 'off the bat": 1.)If you're at or less than my daughter's age of 37 things would 'probably' not work - too many different Goals/Experiences between us. 2.)PLEASE! READ MY WHOLE PROFILE and THEN contact me IF you feel a connection! 3.) I'm NOT interested in having any more children nor taking on a young family. 4.)I will NOT jump off-site immediately (I was scammed here before - twice).... So let's just chat here for a while first. THANKS for your understanding! PLEASE read on..... AS TO ME: I have figured out that my Life has been more like a constantly evolving multi-media piece.(As an Artist I can say that:)....lots of 'Inner Evolution....I've been told that I'm sort of a Mountain Man/Viking/Hippie Dude:) My focus has been more on "Living Practical Spirituality" and most of that has been connected to Nature in some way. I have explored various Spiritual Paths from Hinduism to 'Organized Religions' but have always come back to my Ancestral Roots of the First Nations, Scandinavia and Briton (I see GOD/CREATOR/SOURCE more in Nature than in a man-made building. Some would call it a "Pagan" thing but in NO way anything that is 'dark'!) and these have become infused in all that I do and how I see/live my Life: I enjoy Pow Wows, Ceremonies, a Rendezvous or Norse Festival and I prefer to go as a participant (in 'character' rather than a 'tourist' - my Theater background helps with that:). I'm also getting back into making music after a long hiatus. I have been active with Alternative Healing and Herbal Medicines for over 50 years, am a Reiki Practitioner and a strong Environmentalist. I'm also into writing, "Waking Up"(NOT to be confused with the "Woke" Movement that pushes Separation & Judgement), practicing Mindfulness, and moving within the Ascension Process to become a more Actualized Human Being with Love/Light as the Center-point. I work in the city, but prefer living in the mountains with Mother Earth around me. I am an Empath and therefore prefer more Positive Energies of Natural surroundings and Awakened people. WHAT/WHOM I AM SEEKING: a Special Relationship with a woman where there is 'mutual Harmony' - meaning we "fit and compliment each other's personalities and lifestyles" and are very comfortable in that. SHE IS: somewhat 'younger' in mind, body or both (my 'mental age' test came up much younger than my chronological 'age':) and is a Spiritual woman/Mountain Girl/Viking Shieldmaiden/Seer who understands the need to be connected with Nature/God/Goddess. Physically, she is in good shape, has a healthy diet that is primarily Organic-based and prefers a simpler Lifestyle that is full of Heart, Affection, LOVE and closeness on many levels. She follows her own Spiritual Path rather than any "Organized Religion", values the need to work within herself, is 'Mindful' and open to "waking up from the Matrix", and is a "Lightworker" or moving in that direction. AND, she is willing to co-create an Authentic Light-filled and Energized Relationship where Honesty, Love and TRUST between us are of utmost importance. TOGETHER: With my Partner I hope to enjoy: the simple pleasures of cooking together, raising a garden/self-sufficiency(?), having deep conversations about anything, road trips, hot coffee next to a warm fire, being playful and laughing a LOT, cooling off next to a waterfall or stream, cuddling, being affectionate, camping, cooking outdoors, hiking, using kerosene lamps, Meditating, doing Yoga, listening to a variety of music styles and simply experiencing the Love we have between us and sharing that with others on Mother Earth. We both have the desire to co-create a relationship that is a 'place' of deep Love, Trust, Communication, Safety, Honesty, Heart and Acceptance and a strong one-to-one Closeness based upon some of the teachings of the books "Celestine Prophecies" and "Attune to Divinity". NOW, IF YOU'VE READ THIS FAR and feel a resonance with things I have written, please get back to me. If not, then I sincerely wish you success in your own search....Blessings and Namaste'
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