shoes4rhon "Do princesses wear hiking boots?"
57 year old woman from Belle Center, Missouri      Looking for dating Last seen over a month ago
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So girly I pee glitter and poop rainbows......I am a princess seeking a handsome articulate intelligent prince that can go from jeans and hiking boots to a tuxedo if need be. Someone who enjoys great conversation , the outdoors , good friends , a nice cup of tea or a cold beer that loves to travel and experiance life on so many levels. I am not ready to grow old and like to find adventure in the details. Someone that knows that falling in love is magic but staying in love is a choice. randomness My 15 year old daughter is the axis to my world .yes it does revolve around her just ask her ... I like the color pink, I like good conversation , I like to watch people and their reactions to random things, i think that people are basically good, I think that Micheal Jackson and Latoya may be the same people , I think that thunderstorms are sexy, I love the wind it makes my hyper, I love shoes and shopping for them, I love lillies and iris, I like a great steak , crablegs is my favorite dish, I eat raw cookie dough, I like popcorn with lots of butter and salt , The rain makes me romantic, Water recharges me, I love my bichon, I sing in the shower, love comedies, don't watch TV, love to read , people watch, love 8o's music, cry at sad movies , love the baby Jesus and grown up Jesus, and middle school Jesus, dance badly, laugh at inapproprate times , like dark humor , dream of a hammock on an island with my name on it , I sing karokee , love to ride harleys and hope to buy one soon , laugh a lot more than I cry , am an awesome bartender , think it is my job to spread love and joy , want to fast track everyones life to fabulous, think outside the box, color outside the lines , and love freedom, My nickname in the real world is hippy chick or hippy girl , am learning to play golf , and all sorts of good stuff .. To date me you must be bondable , be able to lift me , be adventurous and daring , have a great sense of humor, breathe, like dogs ,be nice to elderly people and children, and be willing to show proof of life. I drink I smoke I have my own mind , the faint at heart may not apply.
Profession: massage therapist
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5' 5"
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