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Hi...Hi,i´m JANNI,44 years old,born and grown up near Stuttgart,Germany.Was living for circa 8,5 years in Switzerland too,I live now FOREVER near Xanthi,Greece-my house is only 6 km from the clear clean sea/ocean away.I´m searching for a lifetime relationship,maybe marriage(I want to marry),would like to have children,too...i love dogs and cats,but have none till yet..i speak greek(fluent),german(perfect,native),english(fluent).My profession is wholesaler and now i´m webmaster,work from home,PC,create websites and online businesses etc.I look for a sophisticated,mentally open,educated, nice woman,which wants to live with me together in my house and for the rest of our life...i love greek philosophy,love to discuss,to talk,to read,cinema,TV,Internet,Computers,walking,want to start sports again after COVID-19-Crisis,i´m sophisticated and mentally open,educated person,i always tells the truth-i hate lies,honest,proud greek,orthodox christian,but i love Buddha too,gentleman,have fantastic parents and friendly family,i´m the best possible partner and best friend that you will EVER meet,you can steel cows with me,i´m open for a new relationship now.I´m very funny,have great humor,black humor too,little sarcastic,most people say,that i look like 28-32 years old,have with my 44 years seen a lot,big experience in life,for me my woman/lifetime-partner is a LADY,which is a princess for me.You will love my personality and i hope i can serve you best.I help in the kitchen,cleaning and so,from myself-nobody must tell me this...i love democracy and western civilization and greek-western culture,which have ancient greek roots.Just try me,find out,IF i´m somebody JUST FOR YOU,honey.In english my name is JOHN,comes from greek origin IOANNIS(JANNI,the short,nickname).So,a lot written now,i hope i´m sympathic enough for YOU.Jia sou,Ciao,Servus,Best Wishes from Ellas/Hellas/Greece.See you.A lot of kisses.Let´s start to learn us each other better and than let´s see...
Profession: wholesaler learned,now webmaster

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