Michael "Lets figure it out together...."
44 year old man from Foy, California      Looking for activity partner, friendship, marriage, relationship, intimate encounter Last seen within the last two weeks

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Okay so first and foremost ladies I'm going to keep it 100%. That's exactly what you will always get from me. So therefore, you're not going to get me to waste your time, or bsu, or lead you on, or play games, and most importantly ladies I will NEVER LIE to you. Now flip it around can the ladies do the same for me??? Let's just put it this way right now, NOPE!!!! LIKE I STATED EARLIER I'M NOT HERE TO WASTE YOUR TIME, SO PLEASE I ASK AGAIN DON'T WASTE MINE. SO BASICALLY THIS GOES OUT TO ALL THE FAKE *** FEMALES ON THIS SITE, IF YOU WANT TO CALL YOURSELVES FEMALES! THAT LIKE TO STEAL OTHER FEMALES PICS, AND TRY TO PLAY ME OR OTHER MEN AND CLAIM TO BE THEM. YOU'RE NOT SLICK, RICK!!!! TRY AGAIN..... OTHER THAN THAT LADIES THE REAL ONES THAT ARE ON HERE IF YOU GUYS ARE DOWN TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AND KICK 2021 OFF ON A SCREAMING NOTE.... 😘😘😘😘😉😉😉😉 YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS, AS I'VE ALWAYS SAID YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE SO MUCH MORE TO GAIN....

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5' 7"
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Never married
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