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53 year old woman from Big Rapids, Michigan      Looking for friendship, relationship Last seen within the last week
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awww did ya stumble in here thinking it was a hook up site? man that sucks or uh doesn't suck as the case may be.Did ya stumble in here thinking it was a christian dating site? how's that working out so far? Did ya stumble in here thinking this was a meet an American and see if you can convince them your sob story is legit site? ahhhh now we are getting closer. uh no I am not gonna buy you a plane ticket or send you my credit card. Did ya stumble in here and message somebody only to discover their pics are really stolen from some modeling site or a fashion clothing page? pssst...reverse image is your friend. Good god man all your pictures look same, hold that phone up or down or something different. You got some teeth still? smile then you ain't lining up for your mug shot. ummm if you gonna take your pictures in front bathroom mirror? I can see everything behind you and as a mother let me just say " pick up your dirty clothes!" How old those pictures anyhow? You still own that car? that bike? How come your profile ain't filled out yet? You don't have time? ooooo I see, you want a girlfriend but you ain't got time to fill out a dating profile. Maybe take those shades off or do you wear those all the time? Ya know, a girl might want to see your eyes. Why you got a hat on in every picture? You bald then you bald own that mister. Be bald and proud like the dude from the Ajax cleaning commercials! oh you retired now and want a travel partner? what does that mean? You expect some woman just hop right on up in that big old RV you bought and just ride around the country with you...ya that sound like a crime show in the making Like America's most wanted. How come some of your pictures look like you redfaced drunk? who dat girl you got your arm around. Is that your ex or the waitress?sheesh I hope you left that waitress a pick tip. Why the hell do you have a picture on your profile with some poor girl all x-ed out? look like you took a marker and just scribbled her out. Good god man take a new picture of yourself. Yes, yes, I can see you are a mighty hunter holding up that dead fish or Bambi but uh ya might want to rethink that as a profile picture choice. For christ sake please take down those pictures of you with your kids. Let's keep them safe shall we Have a good one T
Profession: I forget
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5' 10"
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A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian
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Yes, they live at home
Christian - Other
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