BellaV "Brunettes, cause someone has to be sexy!!!"
50 year old woman from Obx, North Carolina      Looking for friendship Last seen over a month ago
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I am ONLY here for fun! I am in a serious relationship. I have 3 dogs. Big dogs! I drink margaritas, I smoke, I cuss, I'm very competitive, I yell at the TV when the Patriots are losing, I yell when they are winning. I don't like wine, I'm not that classy. I am a pretty freaken amazing cook. But if I cook, damn right someone else will be doing the dishes. I have 2 grandkids. I have 3 sons. My youngest is in college. I go fishing as often as possible. Yes, I cut my own bait. I am very independent. What you can do, I try to do better. I love getting dolled up. But mostly sandals and flip flops. I live on the beach, sand can do damage to my heels. What I am NOT interested in: Men with little dogs or cats. Those that can not even change their own oil. C'mon now. If he drives a PRIUS! It freaks me out. Do you have a purse to hold your balls? I have had my kids. I DO NOT want anymore. Or play momma to someone elses kids. Plus I am to old for that. If my blurb offends you in anyway, well than you are probably to sensitive for me anyways.
Profession: Real Estate
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5' 2"
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Latino / Hispanic
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No answer
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Yes, sometimes they live at home
Buddhist / Taoist
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