How dating my ex was like playing DOOM II on nightmare mode

DOOM II - A Love Story

I want to begin by saying I had options:  I could have chosen an easier difficulty level, even ultra-violence would have worked.  There are plenty of nice, moderately sane girls out there who I could have dated.  But no, I willingly chose nightmare mode.  I went for the unstable, completely batshit-crazy girl who taught me what it truly means to experience Hell on Earth. The Honeymoon Phase It starts out fun.  I’m running around killing shotgun guys and everything is cool.   I’ve got a chainsaw and a boomstick and everything is going my way.  She knows I’ve got my own thing going on and respects my independence.  I’m having so much fun, I wish I could play this forever !



Imps have a lot of love Let the smothering begin Pretty soon things start getting tricky,  there seems to be a never-ending supply of Imps and they just won’t stop.   Baby, I love you but I need some space, okay?   I’ve got other monsters to kill and these keycards aren’t getting any easier to find.  Trick questions So there’s invisible monsters now?  How the hell am I suppose to shoot an invisible monster?  When you asked me if I thought your best friend was attractive  how was I suppose to know “Hell yeah she’s hot!” was the WRONG answer?  I’m a simple creature, be straight with me.


Goodbye, personal space My bathroom never looked the same after you moved in.  You wallpapered the house with entrails, spattered blood, and demonic symbols.  You took down my favorite Bjork poster and  replaced it  with a “kittens around the world” calendar.  You’re with me morning, noon, and night. Arch-vile

Picking the daily fight Now there’s an arch-vile running around resurrecting the dead.  We’ve been over this issue a hundred times, are you just looking for an excuse to fight?  Can’t we go just one day without mass-murder?

What used to be cute is now highly annoying If I have to shoot one more  flaming skull I swear to God I’m going to off myself with this plasma gun and end this once and for all.Lets have an us talk




I want to cheat on you I’m trapped in this relationship and IDDQD and IDKFA are starting to sound very appealing.  I’m a man of ethics, however, and I’m going to endure this masochistic adventure as honestly as I can. (Plus, the sex is still great)


Your friends are a bunch of Cacodemons Bloated, lethargic, one-eyed beasts:  your friends are a bunch of  self-centered, gossiping monsters who  are only concerned with a) themselves and b) bitching about whoever isn’t within earshot.

Cacodemons who gossip

The straw that broke the Cyberdemon’s back I’ve endured the hordes of hell for you.  I’ve watched our relationship evolve from a casual encounter into a level of commitment that rivals most marriages.  Your cat (which I’m allergic to, by the way) has managed to defecate, urinate, and claw everything I own that is less than four feet tall.  I have no armor, health, and I’m reduced to using my little spike-covered fist to fight with.  I’ve had it –  It’s over .



quake Moving on Doom II: I’ve started seeing someone else.  She supports true 3D and promises things you could never give me.  It’s not that I don’t love you, I just think we’re better off as friends.  Specifically, I think we’re better off as friends who live at least three states apart.





sock monsters


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