Can Dating Apps Get You a Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

In today’s digital age, everyone prefers to communicate online, and there is no surprise in the fact that people have increasingly started using online dating apps to find partners. 

Why wouldn’t they? The internet offers some of the best dating apps, and in America only, 40% of the people are fond of using dating apps. 

Online dating had only gained popularity in the last few years when apps and websites were launched in attempts to connect people. These apps helped them find someone whom they can connect with, talk to, meet, and maybe date. 

In a way, it’s a good thing because it has made the world a smaller place as far as finding love is concerned.

But on the flip side, it has also promoted the fling and one-night stand culture, which mostly happens in young adults and late teens. 

The internet has some of the best dating sites which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, leaving absolutely no sort of check and balance on who’s joining and doing what. 

So, the question remains, can dating apps get you a GF/BF? The answer is a big YES! However, it requires doing a few things to make it work, and the first step involves finding the right dating app.

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This article will mostly focus on the question of ‘Can dating apps get you a GF/BF?’ and the answer to some extent is, yes, you can. And here’s how:

Know What You’re Looking For 

It’s always best if you mention in your bio that you’re NOT looking for hookups. Instead, you’re looking for dates. This way, you put it out there for all the people who might approach you that you’re out of the fling zone. 

There’s a high chance that people won’t even read your bio and will only swipe left/right based on your picture, but at least you’d have done your part. 

Never, however, mention that you’re looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend or if you want to come off as extra creepy, a lover. That will freak out everyone. 

Real Photos

Honesty may not land you some dates, and that’s the harsh truth, but it still is the best policy when it comes to dating sites. Be real with your pictures, with yourself and with everyone else. Keep your profile updated with recent photos, preferably not taken in the ideal lighting and setup. 

It’s okay to come out as you are. There’s no need for editing your pictures, adding tons of layers onto them, and trying to be someone you’re not. 

You want someone who will like you for you. 

Setting up unwanted and unrealistic expectations by uploading old or close to perfect pictures will only be good enough until you’re on the screen. 

You have to keep in mind that the other person might meet you sometime in the future, and online dating will only remain online for so long.

So, make sure you adhere to this rule if you want to score on any of the best dating sites.

Be Straightforward About What You Want

As you proceed with your conversation with whoever you find interesting on the dating apps, it’s better to put forward your expectations, when you feel the time is right, so that the other person knows what to expect from you.

Different people have different approaches to this thing, so it will also come down to how the other person is, and you’ll have to focus on the way they’re perceiving things as well and then go according to it. 

Keep It Casual And Slow

Some people tend to get too carried away and too soon. That comes off as really creepy. You have to realize that you’re on a dating app, and the other person could be talking to many different people just like you. 

Getting attached too quickly or starting to become clingy is something you must avoid at all costs. 

Don’t rush with anything. Instead, keep things at a steady pace and take your time to get to know the person better. 

Go On A Date

If you feel you have reached a certain level where it’s okay to ask the other person out on a date, go for it. 

Pick out a sweet spot, maybe a bowling alley, a mall, someplace crowded (for safety reasons, because you never know), and have a pleasant time with them. 

There’s a lot you get to know about a person that you cannot find out off a screen, so meeting the person is significant if you’re looking to hit things off and progress what’s going on. 

Going out will help you in noticing their habits, the things they do in person, and understanding their personality as well. But make sure to ask the other person out when you’re confident that they are also into you. 

Don’t Get Too Serious

Most people trying online dating prefer to stay away from getting too dangerous. And that’s how it should be. Since you’re mostly talking to strangers on these dating apps, they are forming perceptions and judgments about you as you speak to them and vice versa, and we’re sure that someone who is coming off as too severe and pushy, will also come off as totally weird. 

Control Your Energy And Input 

Like mentioned before, never be too pushy. We understand that sometimes when you’re having constant conversations with someone, you tend to get used to talking to them, and their late replies might be a little bothersome, but you need to control your urge to double, or worse, triple text. 

If they’re not texting you back, it’s alright, wait. People don’t owe you their time, they’re not obliged to text you back immediately, and they have a life outside their phones too that they could be busy with. So, give things time and let things run on their pace also. 

With all these things in order, I think it’s time for you to finally try out online dating if you haven’t, or at least do it the right way this time if you didn’t have much luck, previously. You can start at Mingle2, which is a fantastic online dating website, where you will hopefully find someone that might turn out to be the one for you. Lovebirds have rated Mingle2 as one of the best dating apps of today as it’s easier to use and useful too.

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