Why LDS singles need a dating community?

Who is LDS?

LDS refers to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), which has existed since 1838. LDS is better known under the general name of Mormons; however, members of this religious congregation to not like to be called so. LDS is the largest of Mormon churches and has by date 16 million members. This church includes all Christian faiths communities referring to the Book of Mormon and in addition to the Bible. According to Mormon tradition, the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. translated the Book of Mormon in 1827 from gold plates, which were found in the hills of Cumorah. Most Mormon denominations have other revelations that have been summarized in the book of “Doctrine and Covenants.”

The Book of Mormon, based on biblical events, describes among others, settlements in America and historical excerpts from some past American cultures. The first wave of settlements took place after the Babylonian language confusion; the Jaredites who had emigrated to America at that time, however, had died out before there was another wave of immigration. This second group migrated after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II and the beginning of Babylonian exile in 598 BC. These persons belonged to the tribes of Israel, which divided themselves into the Nephites and Lamanites. The latter were apostates to the faith, and The Nephites kept the commandments of God.

As an LDS member, you belong to a relatively small community, which makes it obvious, why LDS singles desire their own dating community if they want to connect within their own faith.

Mingle2 - best dating sites for LDS singles

Dating, a skill to be learned

For most of us, dating can be a very daunting experience. This becomes even more so when you belong to a particular faith. Not only is the pool of prospective suitors smaller. It can also happen that you meet the right person to date, only to find out that s/he does not belong to your faith. One of two things will happen

  • You both can accept each other’s beliefs without insisting one is better over the other
  • You break up before the dating goes any further.

For those of you who think that the wrong religion is a deal-breaker, an LDS dating site can be a lifesaver! Even you cannot be 100 % sure that on an LDS dating site, you will only meet like-minded people. Still, the chances are much higher to find someone you can not only share your life with but also your religious values. For most people who follow one faith or another, their common shared values are not just cherished by both partners. Your values become the glue if you so will, to the relationship — a place where the connection between two people can be renewed.

Benefits of LDS dating sites

The apparent advantage of LDS dating communities is that you can search for people wherever you are. You are not restricted to the pool of people in your immediate environment but can extend your search to other places as well. One thing you will discover quickly, there are many LDS members, even in areas with just a few LDS churches. A dating site opens the door to thousands of other LDS singles who are seeking love.

Find love where you happen to be

The dating sites for LDS singles are continually growing. The advantage is you can always choose which dating site suits your needs best. Most dating sites offer different services but also have different requirements.

Like in other dating communities, some of the LDS dating sites are free of charge, others require a membership to get into the full benefit of what the dating site has to offer.

What you should know, most LDS dating sites not only help you to find partners for life. They also help you to find, for example, travel companions or friends to share time with.

If you spend some time to do a Google search, you will find there are some exceptional LDS dating communities with mostly excellent ratings. The three best of them are

  • Online LDS Dating
  • LDS Singles
  • True LDS


While True LDS does not have the highest rating (9.3/10), this dating community excels with its search features. Those features are genuinely designed for LDS singles. This, of course, is made possible through a preference search feature, making it easy to find someone who indeed shares all your values and preferences. An added benefit to True LDS, its community, is growing all the time. People feel happy and safe when looking for the right partner.

Besides that, you have all the other features of modern dating sites such as chat rooms, private and instant messages, dating, help, and support, as well as many forums.

Online dating has become the standard for most singles

Before the internet, LDS singles could only find friends, companions, and partners through church functions or LDS events. This was, without any doubt, a limited and restricted way to find a partner who shared the same faith.

With online dating being the new standard, LDS people have a much greater opportunity to find their ideal match. Many of the LDS dating sites are value-driven to facilitate relationships and offer their own apps. If you are looking for a friend or seek to fall in love with someone without explaining your religious conviction first, an LDS community dating website might be what you were looking for.


Did you know?

LDS dating sites are not a new phenomenon. For 20 years this is already a popular way to find love within the LDS community. The success speaks for itself. More and more people are successful couples through LDS dating sites today. It is only natural that other LDS singles follow and try their luck of finding the right partner on a relevant LDS dating website. Meeting other LDS singles online is by far becoming one the best ways to meet a prospective partner outside your immediate community. By now, LDS dating has become mainstream. Online dating is about you to take the initiative and find the right partner for you.

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