Characteristics of a good dating app

There is no shortage of options to consider when you are looking for dating apps. As of today, online dating has become a norm and these dating apps have made everything related to dating so easier and faster. However, not all those free dating sites cannot match your expectations. With that said, we have done an extensive amount of research on this subject and ended up finding the characteristics every good dating app has. You can go through the list below and check it against the dating apps or free dating sites you come across to decide if it can really serve your purpose. 

In fact, we have put these features into two main categories; basic features and advanced features. Features under both of those categories are mentioned below in point form for your preference. 

Characteristics that online dating apps should have

Features of a good dating app should have

Here are the basic features a dating app should have to make things easier for their users.  

  • Preference checking

In fact, the prime intention of dating apps is to allow users to find a partner who matches certain choices and preferences. So, good dating apps always come with an option to find matches depending on their preferences. In this case, the respective app or website should offer you some basic questions prior to registration asking your preferred sex, the type of relationship you are interested in, age, etc. With such an approach, the respective app can find other users who have the same interests and preferences and match each other rationally. This is a very handy option when it comes to online dating because it gives you a glimpse of the potential match even before you start chatting. 

  • IM (Instant Messaging)

The ability to communicate instantly and conveniently is a prime requirement when it comes to online dating. To make it possible for the users, dating apps and free dating sites should offer convenient IM (Instant Messaging) feature. After finding a potential match, those two users must be able to communicate openly and get to know each other well. Thanks to the Instant Messaging feature, the members of those free dating sites can share their honest thoughts with other members and strengthen their matches. 

A platform like is a superb example of free dating sites that provide excellent IM features in addition to plenty of other features.  

  • Checking profile viewers and like

Usually, you cannot stay online on dating apps 24/7 just because you are looking for a match. In that case, it is very handy if you can learn how many individuals have visited your profile and how many liked you have got during your absence. 

  • Location-based matching

It is always better to find a match within your reach (close proximity) to make the connection a more realistic one. If you can find someone within the same city or the neighbouring city, there is a good opportunity for you to meet each other in person. So, online dating platforms should realize this requirement precisely and allow users to perform searches based on location as well. 

  • Thorough screening

Although there are plenty of free dating sites, only a few of them entertain a thorough screening process on the users. If there is a thorough screening process, the respective platform will be able to identify fake profiles. This is true with both dating apps as well as with free dating sites. Generally, reliable dating apps ask for name, email ID and a real photograph during the registration. Highly prestigious online dating platforms such as have their own screening process to verify the users and maintain the authenticity of their community. 

  • Advanced Matchmaking

Some of the advanced dating apps like come with a default search algorithm to make the matchmaking process more advanced. Such a feature ensures that you find a match based on the preferences. 

  • Photo Gallery

Another must-have feature associated with free dating sites is the photo gallery. That means online dating platforms should facilitate users to add photos to their profile whenever they need. Also, they should offer you the feature of adding multiple photos at once probably in the form of a gallery. Such dating apps ensure that you express yourself in a better way so the potential of getting the perfect match is higher. In addition to that, it would be much better if those free dating sites allow you to add videos to their profile (probably explaining themselves or some interesting activity). These videos shouldn’t be very long. A short video clip would be good enough so other users can get an idea about your features in a better way. 

  • Flexible payment options

Dating apps that offer flexible payment options for their clients are good because you have the freedom of choosing a good plan that suits your pocket. In general, dating apps should allow users to pay using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, etc. The more the better, in a nutshell. In addition to that, if you are upgrading from free online dating to a paid version, the payment plans should be flexible as well. For instance, those online dating platforms should allow you to pay monthly, quarterly or annually, at the least. 

  • Smart photos

When it comes to online dating, a feature like ‘Smart Photos’ becomes exceptionally handy. In general, online dating platforms ask you to upload pictures of your choice. An advanced online dating website must be able to identify the best photo you have uploaded and present it to potential matches. 


Well, online dating is a very popular concept that perfectly matches modern-day individuals. However, not all those dating apps perform as you expect. So, doing good research before using them is compulsory. One of the best examples for a feature-rich, reliable online dating platform that has a great success rate is You can sign up for absolutely for free and start searching for your potential match now. 

Note: Please use dating apps and online dating sites responsibly. Avoid verbal harassment, racism and other unethical behaviours in those communities.

Happy dating!

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