Men Should Be The Leader In Relationship

By L.a.

Men should lead in the relationship
Men should protect women, Women meant to be loved

The more modern life is, the more equal both genders are. Today, women are more independent than ever and they mostly have all of the same rights and benefits compared to men. However, these same rights and benefits between male and female seem to be a misunderstanding, especially in love and in relationships.

For today’s entry, I would like to talk about a  topic which may cause some controversy. The topic is why “men should be the leader in the relationship”.

There are many reasons why it should be that way, just follow this entry and you will figure them out.

First of all, leading is the instinct of men and what belongs to instinct, it is performed well.

In the relationship, if a guy likes you, he always finds ways to get closer to you, to make you attracted to him. You don’t need to chase him first, let him chase you, let him lead.  Indeed, not many men like to be chased and to be the passive party in the relationship.

If you are a female user, have you noticed that in our community when you upload your profile photo or video on Mingle2 without doing anything more, men will come to nudge you and talk to you first?

Yeah, this is their instinct.

What belongs to the instinct, it will be naturally and powerfully expressed.

If you doubt about it, let me give you an illustration of the caring instinct of women to make you have a general view.

Obviously, a baby will be looked after better when they are with their mom. Thinking about ourselves when we were young, who took care of us better? Mom or dad?  Undoubtedly, this is our mom.

I remembered that when my sister was young. My mom was busy and my dad took care of her. (At that time, I was old enough to care for myself)

Normally, my mom gave her food and milk following a schedule, but my dad didn’t. He just did whatever when he remembered to do it and my sister cried. Up to now, it is still the disaster day to my dad.

What belongs to instinct cannot be overridden.

Women are born to be caring like men are born to be leaders.  

So, trust me! Let him lead right now and you will see the amazing result.

In case he doesn’t want to lead, don’t worry, you can wake his instinct up by asking his opinion. A man will try his best if he realized that he is recognized and needed by his lover.

For example, if you plan to have a trip with him, let ask him for the ideas about the places, activity and so on. Then, you both discuss to find the best one. This is the precious chances to make him gradually feels important in the relationship. Also, you both get the know each other better.

Another point is that when you let him lead, you give yourself a great time to identify that if he is the best one for you or not

By leading in the relationship, he not only pays attention to the big things but also the little things like planning for a date, where to date…

When a man is in love with a woman, he always wants to show all of his great aspects to his sweetheart. To make the best impression, he has to pay his full attention to his woman to know what does she like, what does she want

I have a small tip for you. If you want to test if he is your Mr.Right or not, just accidentally mention the things you like such as type of drink, the amount of sugar, or what food you don’t like to eat. Next time, if he notes that, you win.

We know that men rarely pay attention to details. However, if your man actually does, then he is definitely the one that you should consider for the rest of your life.

Last but not least, let him be masculine and your strength as a woman will flourish.

This is related to the masculine and feminine energies.

So, what are they and how important are they in a relationship?

According to, masculine energy is power, strength, and leadership. Meanwhile, feminine energy is love, weakness, caring.

Many relationship experts explored how physical passion in a relationship results from the polarity of the feminine and masculine energies between two people.

The more opposed those two energies, the stronger the attraction.

For my ladies who read this, I know that you are so pretty and feminine, so please let your feminine energy brightly shines by let your guy be a leader in the relationship.

Remember that the more feminine you are, the more masculine he is, then the more attractive your relationship is.

You know, attractiveness is the most important factor in a relationship.


Ladies, if you are thinking: “What? So, I have to follow the man? I am just a receiver, it’s so passive? I have no right in my relationship? This is what you call a strong and independent woman? No way!”

No, no! You are the key to this relationship. You have the right to choose who can lead you. I’m sure that he is the most perfect gentleman for you because he is chosen by you- a strong and dependent woman, who knows what you want.

As a woman, I absolutely agree with what Oscar Wilde said: “Women are meant to be loved”. Only if you don’t need love, or you don’t deserve to be loved, then you deny it.

Love will make a woman returns to her original femininity, where you are loved, protected by a masculine man.

So, if you love him, just enjoy his leadership.

For those who are still single, hope you will find you “a leader” very soon.


If you have any feedback for me, just leave a comment to let me know.

See you next time!

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