Do Guys Like Makeup on Women?

Do guys like make up on women?Ladies, this one’s just for you because we know you wonder. You’ve probably asked yourself how much makeup is too much makeup every time you get ready for a date. Should you go barefaced or use a putty knife to slather on the makeup and cover your flaws? If you’re single and looking for Mr. Right, how will he respond to the way you use makeup?

Although we can’t answer your questions on an individual basis, we can give you some overall guidelines. According to a number of studies, men generally find a natural look to be far more attractive than a highly made-up look. But when given a choice between photos of completely barefaced women and those with just a little strategically placed makeup, the photos with just a little makeup were voted more attractive. So it seems that the bottom line is that men like a natural look where your makeup enhances your strengths but does not distract from your natural beauty. If you are using makeup to create a barrier between you and the world, it’s time to tone it down and focus on what makes you uniquely beautiful. Confidence in yourself is just as beautiful as what you wear on your face. If no one recognizes you without your makeup on, you’re wearing too much.

Enhance, Don’t Distract

Makeup should be used to enhance your beauty strengths, not to smother the things you don’t like about your face. If you’ve got amazing cheekbones, play them up a bit with some blush. The same goes for your eyes or lips: give them a tiny bit of oomph without going overboard. While it’s fine to dress up and really have fun with colors for special occasions, you don’t need to be clownish to get noticed for your beauty. Your face is unique, so spend more effort subtly enhancing the things you like about your face than trying to distract with lots of makeup.

First Date Face

So you’re getting ready to meet him for drinks or dinner and you’re really worried about impressing him. Is this when you should pull out the smoky eye and bold lip color? Or should you show up looking a little more toned down and natural? In the end, how you wear your makeup should be about what you like, not what you are speculating he likes. If a smoky eye makes you feel sexy and confident, then, by all means, give yourself smoky eyes. If a bold, red lip is what gives you that surge of power, then go for it. But don’t go for both at once. If you aren’t practiced enough to do a smoky eye or too shy to slather red on your lips, keep it more natural looking with a bit of foundation, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. Makeup shouldn’t be used as a mask to hide behind, it’s just there to help nature out a little bit. Your confidence, winning personality, and your natural beauty is enough to make you desirable not heavy false lashes and coats of war paint. The majority of guys aren’t thinking about all the little flaws you obsess over, and they prefer to see who you are.

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