First Date Mistakes You Should Never Make

first date mistakesYou’ve finally decided to meet in real life and you’re ready to go on a date to see if you match as well in person as you do online. Understandably, you’re nervous. Will it go well? Will you click right away? What do you do if you know within 30 seconds that you can’t stand your date?

As anxious as you might be, you can also make sure that you, at least, are the ideal date. Whether you’re a rookie or a jaded expert, there are some first date mistakes you should never make if you want a second date. Avoid making them in the first place or, if you’re already guilty of making one or two of the following mistakes, change your behavior immediately to see definite improvements in the quality of your dates.

Mistake #1: Talking Endlessly about Bad Dating Experiences or Ex-Girl/Boyfriends

This can be a tough one to avoid when you’re trying to be honest or looking for stories to share about yourself. Almost everyone has had a bad dating or breakup experience, and sometimes they’re very interesting and entertaining to share in limited amounts. You’ve crossed the line, however, when you find yourself dominating the conversation with such stories, going on and on about how your dates never turn out normal or explaining in excruciating detail all the things you hate about your ex. Save such venting for your closest friends or your therapist.

Mistake #2: Bragging about Your Conquests

While sharing stories of your successes in a limited way is perfectly acceptable, going above and beyond to brag about conquests (sexual or otherwise) for an entire evening makes you look boring and narcissistic.

Mistake #3: Chasing Others or Flirting with Others

I don’t care if you are the most eligible bachelor in the world now that George Clooney is hitched or the hottest woman on earth even when she isn’t Photoshopped: if you are on a date you must focus on the date and refrain from chasing or flirting with anyone else. Keep your eyes centered and your thoughts focused on learning more about the person you’re with.

Mistake #4: Checking Your Phone Every Two Minutes

Are you looking for a better offer? Planning another date for the minute you get rid of the current one? Discussing your date’s eccentricities with your friends? Your date won’t know what you’re doing (but will assume the worst) when you’re constantly pulling out your smartphone and making those “uh huh” noises like you’re still listening but instead are staring at the screen and checking your messages or updating your Facebook status. Just expect that your date will assume you’re rude, which is, of course, what you are if you use your phone for anything other than making an emergency call. If you must use your phone, explain why it’s so important that you interrupt your date to do so and then apologize. When you’re done, put it on silent and ignore it for the rest of the evening unless you’re an on-call doctor.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll look far more appealing to the guy or girl you’ve chosen to spend some time with. There is a world of interesting, exciting singles with whom you could develop great relationships, and you can find them at Mingle2. Start an online dating profile for free and start meeting people in your area immediately. Visit our Home page to get started.

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