Topics You Should Avoid Talking About When Trying To Date Someone

Avoid these topics in a conversation when you're dating someone
Topics You Should Avoid Talking About When Trying to Date Someone

by Noogie

When you’re in the process of getting to know someone intimately, you’ll begin to open yourself up and talk about anything and everything that crosses your mind. Not only because you’re beginning to feel comfortable around them, but also because you want to see all the things you have in common. However, there are just certain topics you should avoid discussing since these topics and be very polarizing and can cause a rift between you two.

Without further ado… where are some topics you should avoid talking about when dating someone.


Religious beliefs may play an important role in a person's life so it's best to avoid this topic and not cause any problems
A Very Sensitive Subject for Most People

Religion is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It spreads the message of love and unity and gives its believers a path to follow for every day life. It also inspires hope for people to believe there’s a higher purpose for it all and something to look forward to after death.

However, some religions causes a tribalism mindset that makes people look down on people who don’t follow their religious faith. Being looked down on can only cause trouble in a relationship. Religious beliefs can also be very strong within one’s mindset since most followers have carried these beliefs at a very early age. With that strong a belief, any discussion about seeing things in a different light can be a difficult conversation to have. A debate on religious views or beliefs can steam towards a full blown argument ruining what was once a loving and interesting relationship.

Religion is a very sensitive topic for most, especially if they are a believer. If you both believe in the same religion, then everything is fine and dandy. But if your religious beliefs don’t align, it can be a rocky road ahead but not an impossible one to overcome.

Income / Financial Situation

Money and cash is not a good conversation topic
Although Important in Life, Not Important in Conversation

Even though money rules all, money is still a very weird and sensitive subject. It’s probably the second most thought that’s on people’s minds (the first one being sex of course) but it still causes people to be uncomfortable when speaking about it.

They say money is the root of all evil, so imagine opening that darkness in a conversation. Greed, envy, and arrogance are just some of the negative energies that you can bring out when talking about money. Money doesn’t purely have a negative vibe, but when it is associated with other people, it is more than likely to be negative. But when we think about ourselves and money, it’s purely positive. Quite a conundrum.

Financial matters should only be discussed to family and close friends. Even then sometimes it’s not even a good topic to have with them either. It can make people look down on you since you don’t have enough, or dislike you because you got too much. That’s how tricky talking about financials is.

Money is all around us, but that’s a topic you should probably keep to yourself for the benefit of those around you.


Politics, political beliefs, and political affiliation is a hot topic. To avoid friction, don't bring politics into the conversation
Definitely Keep This Topic to Yourself

Politics is probably the biggest divisive topic in the world right now. Look at current American politics? You can’t think of anything more divisive more than Trump. When Trump was elected president, people who were using dating apps specifically mentioned they would not date Trump supporters. That’s how much politics means to them.

It almost feels like politics has become the new religion since it’s all about beliefs and following ideologies. If you didn’t follow my political party or beliefs… keep moving along because there’s nothing to see here. There’s no open dialogue or calm conversations. It’s all arguing and close-mindedness.

That’s why we say it’s best to keep politics to yourself unless your ready to open up a shitstorm.

Of course in the end, these will be important topics that you will need or want to discuss for your future together as several topics, including the ones listed above, should align. You just need to know when is the right time in the relationship to open up these doors but we’re only recommending avoiding these topics in the early going since these are either sensitive or divisive.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope you learned about some topics you should avoid talking about when first getting to know someone. It’ll save you time attacking or defending your stance.

Stay tuned for our weekly blog posts. This is Noogie signing out and we hope you have a wonderful week!

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  • Very nice article post! Keep it up

  • Well, Noogie, this is just partially, right? Yes, the moment of dating, in that well-light restaurant, with a romantic ‘aroma’round the room, indeed, this is no time to start conversations that could spark arguments and spoil the party. Regardless, isn’t it better to let some bombs explode early enough, in the ‘open?’ It can give us room to dash, while it’s still possible. Let me know what you think about my religion, right there at the dating table. Let me know what money means to you. It will help. And if I am Mayor of town X, tell me what you think of my career, right there. Then I will know.

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