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f you care about someone let them know, now. Because tomorrow is never promised.
Life is too short to wait for a second

An American man shows his online love story with a Vietnamese girl with full of regret!

This is the love story of Justin, from the USA.

Justin met a beautiful Vietnamese girl on a dating site. They seemed very harmonious. Justin liked her so much, but he was afraid that she didn’t like him, so he ignored his feeling.

After talking online for some time, they decided to meet each other offline for the first time. They both didn’t know that it was their first and also their last meeting in life.

Spend some seconds to read Justin’s sad love story and feel his message.

“I want to take a moment to talk about missed opportunities.

In mid-November of last year, I started talking online with a very beautiful Vietnamese girl. We spoke about music, and movies, and books, and her desire to one day move back to Sydney. Our conversation moved at exactly the same pace. She was intelligent and kind, and witty and funny…and did I mention beautiful?

Now anyone that knows me, knows that I lose interest in women (and people in general) very quickly if I feel that we are not existing on the same plane… That was not the case with this girl. I knew immediately that I liked her.

So much so, that I did…nothing.

I ignored these feelings that I had because deep down I felt that if she met me in person that somehow she wouldn’t like the real “Justin” outside of my online persona.

She was too perfect, and I am not that lucky.

We would causally talk online from time to time, but never making real plans.

January 21st I mustered up the courage and asked her if she wanted to meet. She agreed and 2 days later we met for coffee. I arrived 15mins late and she was waiting, patiently, casually drinking a beer. It was at 3 pm. I thought this was hilarious and awesome. We were excited to finally meet and it was obvious. We sat and talked for hours with a sort of nervous excitement.

The whole time I was wearing my sunglasses, not to block the sunlight but instead to conceal my feelings. She asked to see my eyes and I jokingly said, “later”.

We made plans to hang out later that night but decided to wait… We didn’t want to ruin the moment.

A few days later I went to China to play a few shows. When I came back she was leaving to the North for the Tet Holiday. When she came back I left again. Then she left again. Etc, etc.

Now even though we didn’t see each other physically during this time we would always watch each other’s IG stories, FB stories, etc. I would always look to see who watched my stories, just to see if she had. And she did.

Then one day she stopped watching.

I sent her a few FB messages and WhatsApp messages, but she didn’t respond. I called, but she didn’t answer. I thought that maybe she had met someone else or wasn’t interested anymore. This made me sad.

After not hearing from her for a few weeks I made the decision that I would contact her somehow and let her know how I really felt. No games, no bullshit.

But, unfortunately, that chance will never come, because yesterday I found that she passed away in a motorbike crash 3 weeks ago…

I can’t help but feel that if I would have told her that maybe this could have been avoided.

If you care about someone let them know, now. Because tomorrow is never promised”

When I first heard about their story, I was obsessed, I always wondered what if he took off his sunglasses? What if they went for a date later that night? What if…..

Today, I share this story to you – our Mingle2 users and to those who read this blog. I hope that you can avoid this mistake. If you have a crush on someone, let make a real date, let them know how much you love them because life is too short to wait a second.

As Justin’s message, “if you care about someone let them know, now. Because tomorrow is never promised”.

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