Halloween Dates Can Be Spooktacular!

Halloween Dates Can Be Spooktacular

Halloween is customarily seen as a holiday for kids to dress in costume, go trick-or-treating, eat candy, and have fun – who’s to say that us adults can’t do that either? For singles and couples of any age, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year because it gives you a good excuse to come out of your shell (even if it’s just for one day), be in a costume, and pretend to be someone else.

From my experience of attending many Halloween costume parties, I’ve found that people who are typically shy tend to open up a bit more – maybe it’s the mask; maybe it’s the “fruit punch”; maybe it’s both; but whatever it is, it’s helping them to mingle. :o)

What does a single person do to enjoy this fun and flirtatious night? The first thing you’ve got to do is RSVP YES to one of the Halloween parties that your Mingle2 friend has invited you to. Next, you must have a Halloween costume (well, umm duh…) Choose a costume that’ll bring out your inner-most flirt. For the ladies, maybe it’s a cheerleader, a sexy cowgirl, the classic and always beautiful vampiress (guys always like to be bitten). For the guys (hmmm, who do girls fantasize about) maybe it’s that Top Gun fighter pilot costume? How about a hunky fireman to help put out her fire?). Whatever costume you choose, make sure you play the role because (good) attitude will always help you attract the other sex.

If going to a Halloween costume party and mingling just isn’t your thing and you and your Mingle2 online dating partner want to spend more “couple” time together, then here are some Mingle tips to help you out:

1. Get Dressed Up in Costume and Go Trick-or-Treating

Not your kids, or nieces and nephews, but YOU. Bring out the inner-child in both of you and experience the happiness of youth with you and your date by maybe making a homemade costume and ring doorbells with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. If anything will lighten the mood and bring a smile to both of your faces, it’s getting FREE candy and enjoying it with someone you like.

2. Go on a Tour of a Haunted House

Get in the spirit of Halloween and take your date to visit a haunted house. What better way to have your date get close and put their arms around you.

3. Rent a Scary Movie

If you didn’t like the idea of the haunted house, but you did like the idea of wrapping your arms around each other, then renting a scary movie and snuggling at home might be a better option for you. Put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, slide in your favorite scary movie into the DVD player, and let the magic of horror films do its trick. Next thing you know, you’ll be all over comforting each other.

4. Find a Corn Maze

So partying isn’t your thing, haunted houses are too cheesy, and the scary movie that you rented might be a little too scary to watch… Well, if you’re thinking of what to do for Halloween that’s more low key and romantic then I would recommend taking your date to a corn maze. Or if you live in a big city, a haystack maze. Now the end of October can be a bit chilly so the key to making this Halloween option a romantic success is proper planning. Bring a small flashlight to help you get through the maze, but only use it as a last resort. Just let both of you get lost in each other’s arms as you guide one another through the maze. Bring an extra jacket or blanket to keep you both toasty and warm DURING and AFTER the maze. If it’s not too cold outside, use the extra blanket and create a romantic picnic on top of the hood of your car. Bring some crackers, cheese, (not wine), but a nice warm thermos of hot chocolate. If it’s too cold outside, bring that picnic idea indoors – back to your place (maybe with a nice warm fireplace to help with the ambiance)… The Corn Maze idea is sounding better and better now that I think about it. Whatever you decide, be safe and have fun. Happy Halloween from Mingle2!


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