How to Support LGBT Rights This Valentine’s Day

They say love is blind, but we say it can see – it sees all the colors of the rainbow! Love is the way to support LGBT rights this Valentine’s day. It’s the one thing that connects people, or at least it should. The world is slowly letting go of its biases and opening up to the beauty of diversity.

Unfortunately, the process is slow and on the one day where everyone celebrates love, there are a few ways that you can show your support to the rights of our fellow LGBT lovers.

Supporting LGBT rights on Valentine's Day 

1. Donate to an organization making it safe to love – no matter your preference

It boggles the mind that something as beautiful as love can be punishable by death in some countries – that is if you’re non-heterosexual.

There are people out there trying to change this fact, and there is no better time to support them than at Valentine’s. 

These organizations fight to change laws, engage with governments, and train the next generation of LGBT activists to stand up and make their voices heard.  

Trained to love – now that’s a cause worth supporting. 

2. Show Your Support – Wear the White Knot

Even in some developed countries, there is still a roadblock for LGBT lovers to make their love official. While they won’t get arrested, “tying the knot” isn’t an option.

Wearing a White Knot this Valentine’s shows your support of same-sex marriage because everyone should have the right to tie the knot.

Countries that ban same-sex marriages, also deny couples federal marriage benefits, such as access to health care, social security, and tax benefits to name a few.

The U.S. only caught up on June 26th, 2015 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution granted same-sex couples the right to marry. This overruled local laws and legalized same-sex marriage in the thirteen stated where it was still banned.

The driving force behind the decision was in fact a dramatic shift in public opinion. A massive 67 percent of Americans polled in 2018 voted yes for same-sex marriage, a massive improvement in comparison to 27 percent in 1996.

This brings us to our next point…

3. Support LGBT campaigns! 

There is strength in numbers and public opinion drives change. Even just like a campaign’s Facebook page, signing their petition or going to a rally to show your support will help them get their message out there.

There have been some monumental wins in 2019, and these campaigns couldn’t have succeeded without their supporters.

If you’re not sure who needs your support, have a look at ThePetitionSite for causes that relate to you.

In 2019 same-sex marriage became legal in Taiwan, the only Asian country as yet to do so. It was due to the support and outcry from gay and straight citizens alike. The same can be true for other Asian countries if there is the same public support. 

You have the power to drive change.   

4. Shop at Businesses that Support LGBT Equality and tell people!

This is the one time it’s ok to brag about the brand! Go out, get that new Apple iPhone, do your grocery shopping at Walmart, buy that gay pride t-shirt on Amazon, and find your next date on Mingle2. These companies all support LGBT workplace equality and are vocal about it.

Align every dollar you spend with supporting LGBT rights. The most important thing here is telling people about it. By raising awareness of what you support, you allow others to follow.

There are also a number of brands that offer their support to LGBT nonprofits like GLAAD, GLSEN, The Trevor Project and the It Gets Better Foundation around June for Gay Pride month. Many donate all proceeds for limited edition offerings or sponsor gay pride parades. When buying these brands, be sure to flaunt it!

We love how Starbucks decided to match donations made to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation, with their official statement being “Your donation will help us improve access to mental health resources and support organizations around the country who are making a difference for LGBTQ communities and society as a whole”.

Many people don’t realize that not sharing love has a huge impact on the mental health of LGBT people.  

5. Share the L(GBT)ove 

It’s Valentine’s, tell your LGBT friends and family you love them! A simple call to a friend, family member, or a loved one could make all the difference. Up to 60% of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people will suffer from anxiety and depression throughout their lives.

A shocking 26% of LGBT youth say their biggest problems are non-acceptance by family, bullying, and fear of coming out according to a survey done by the Human Rights Campaign. 

The LGBT community struggle with bullying and discrimination every day. Everyone should have the right to freely and fearlessly express their love. And you should too!

We all want the same things in life, the things that make it worth living: friendship, pride, strength, a sense of belonging. These are all found in a healthy community, valuable friendships, through the love of other LGBT people and their supporters.

Share the love this Valentine’s and tell your LGBT friends how much you love them for and because of who they are.

6. Skip red this year – make technicolor love 

Red is so yesterday – let all the colors of the rainbow inspire your Valentine’s attire this year. Adding a splash of the rainbow will help others feel included, and it’s way more fun than red anyway!  

You will feel sexy, confident, and frisky – and if you’re single, we guarantee four times the attention at the bar!

Go further and explore something new in your own sexuality. Explore alternative Ethical Porn, perhaps there is a spark you didn’t know existed. Get a date that also stands out from the red crowd. Live life to the LGBT fullest. 

Valentine’s Day is far from LGBT friendly, but we have the power to change that. Love should be free, and fearless. We have basic rights as humans, and when one is being violated, you can bet others are.  

Celebrate a sexy, LGBT inclusive Valentine’s Day this year.

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