In a world of extreme diversity and differences, making gay friends who share your qualities, likes, and dislikes is no walk in the park. Throwing being gay in the mix makes everything a lot more difficult. So whether you are unsure of your sexual preference, looking for some adventure, trying to make a likeminded gay friend or you just want to generally meet gay men, it would interest you to know it’s a general problem and not exclusive to you.

The major problem when it comes to finding and meeting gay men is that the task of separating the straight from the gays is basically impossible, and you don’t want to be the creepy person that just approaches a straight man to find out if he’s gay – that would be unnatural.

Understandably, growing up gay can be incredibly lonely. Gay men grow up having unique thoughts and feelings that are abnormal to the larger society, so in a society where the majority does not relate with your minority, finding a gay friend is absolutely helpful in dealing with the loneliness and backlash that usually comes with being gay. Bonding with your first LGBT friend is often extremely significant. Almost as significant as meeting a romantic life partner, so it has to be done right.

Finding a gay friend can be one of the highlights of a gay person’s life; can help with coping with the loneliness, and let’s face it, occasional discrimination of being gay. They help boost morale and confidence in your identity. Also, generally speaking, gay people make the best and most loyal of friends, and the best part is you don’t even necessarily have to be gay to make a gay friend.

LGBT friendships can be the most intense forms of friendships. This read would open your eyes to a lot of options in meeting gay men. If you’re having difficulty in this area, follow these tips:

Making gay friends after online dating


One of the most effective ways to make gay friends is to find and interact in gay areas. Now, if you live in cities, this should be easy. All you have to do is find a local gay club or bar; Google can help you with this. However, this may be a little bit harder if you live in smaller towns or communities, in which, online methods like Mingle2 will help. You can use other more popular social networks like Facebook to find gay people near you.


Indeed, finding a gay friend can be very challenging, depending on where you are located, but usually, you already have several straight friends. You could ask them to introduce you to other gay friends they may know. Of course, even when you eventually meet these new gay friends and you don’t find them attractive or desirable enough, they often usually have other gay friends who you can meet, and those in turn have other gay friends. On and on, you keep meeting new gay friends and are more likely to find the ones you like.


It’s the 21st century and being gay is legal in most places; in others, not so much. Especially when you are in a liberal society, don’t hide the fact that you are gay. Talk more openly about it and other gay people would come to you. If you are more open and free about it, people can refer their gay friends to you. Openly ask your straight friends or colleagues if they know any gay bar or something. This way, you are putting yourself out there.


It is understandable that the loneliness of being gay without likeminded friends can be very overwhelming, but it is important that you don’t act desperate and needy in your search for gay friends. When you are too desperate, it repels people from you, rather than attract people to you, which is your aim. Just take it easy.


Now, it is imperative to bear in mind that the mere fact that they are gay does not automatically make them amazing people. Gay or not, this is a long term friendship you are trying to establish. Severally, there have been cases of people rushing into friendships because they were too excited that they found someone, and it ended in heartbreaks. When you do meet them, take time to know them, study them, and choose wisely.


Whether you are looking for gay or straight friends, you must have a charming personality that’ll attract people to you and make them gravitate towards you. No one wants to be friends with someone with a poor personality. So while you’re looking for an amazing gay friend, be an amazing gay friend. Smell nice, dress well, speak confidently – these are a few traits that’ll attract other gay people to you. If you don’t have these qualities already, learn to cultivate them. 


Whether it’s a dinner, party, or even a protest. As long as it has a gay theme or it’s for gays, ensure to attend. It is at these events that you network and meet other gay people and create beautiful friendships.

In case you are anti social, now would be a good time to quit it and start getting yourself out there. Interestingly, most famous gay relationships started when they met at gay events. 

All these are just a few tips on how to meet a gay friend. These tips don’t just tell you how to make a gay friend; it also tells you how to make the right gay friends. Follow the steps and thank us later.

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