Most Common Myths and Misconceptions about Sexuality

Sex is a fact of life and should be addressed from an early age. The world has changed a lot in recent years which means children are exposed to matters of sexuality very early. It’s, therefore, important to start learning about sex and know the truth.

Fear of addressing this matter has led to many myths and misconceptions. This sees even adults with inaccurate views of what it all means. This is why sex education is still an important part of the school system.

Even without intending to, pre-teens and teens are exposed to sexual matters and need proper education on it. The first step is to bust all those myths about what sex is. These twisted views only work to misguide and misinform people. Sex is a part of humanity and should be tackled openly without fear or shame if there is any hope of reducing misconceptions about it.

False information only leads to a lot of issues involving sex that can be easily avoided when you know exactly what your sexuality entails. You are likely to meet your sexual partner on a dating site but without the necessary information about sexuality, chances of getting the right match are close to nil.

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Myths and Misconceptions about Sexuality

1. Masturbation is bad

There are so many myths and misconceptions that surround the issue of masturbation. Even many religions frown upon it and consider it ‘evil’. But the truth is, its good for you. You don’t have to worry about going blind or other myths like that. None of that is going to happen because you choose to have a little pleasure with yourself.

A lot of women believe that if they masturbate, it can interfere with their sexual function or even harm the baby when pregnant. This is all a complete lie. There is no link to any of these myths with your sexuality and masturbation is just a way to enjoy some alone time. There is even research that shows that you can masturbate often without any side effects.

It’s in fact very good for your health. You get to release pent up tension in your body, reduce the pain from cramps during menstruation, and even reach orgasm. This is especially important for women who barely reach an orgasm while with a sexual partner. This is not to say you masturbate every minute of every day, but you can choose to do so daily.

2. You can get pregnant from anal sex

This is a complete lie. Anal sex is mainly for your pleasure and fetish, nothing more. You can’t get pregnant when you choose to enjoy sex from the back. The rectum is not connected in any way to your sexual reproductive organs. This means you can’t have the sperms fertilize your eggs when you engage in anal sex. This explains why in the old days, masters used to have anal sex with their slaves and concubines. This was to prevent them from siring any children from their sexual encounters.

3. Hormonal birth control is bad for you

While birth control does have some side effects depending on the plan you’re using, it’s the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancies. You can opt to use any of them including the patch, the pill, or hormonal IUDs. The truth is that the pill is one of the most studied and proven subscriptions of all time.

Lack of information is contributing to birth control myths. This means many women end up with unplanned pregnancies for lack of knowledge. Even some religions discourage using birth control.

There are side-effects to using this method but these are outweighed by the benefits. Consult an OB/GYN to get the best one for you with fewer side effects. Birth control doesn’t hinder you from having a baby when you’re ready. All you have to do is get off the plan you’re on and conceive.

It also doesn’t lead to an increase in weight. There is no proof that birth control contributes to weight gain. Weight fluctuation is a normal body occurrence. Even though your normal menstrual cycle may be affected, it’s better than the alternative of having regular sex without being on birth control

4. Having HPV is no big deal

HPV is one of the STIs that are prevalent among sexually active people. It is easily transmitted from one partner to another. Yes, having it is a very big deal. It leads to many complications and it’s best to come clean to your partner.

If you suspect you have it, visit a gynecologist for testing. It has no cure because it’s a virus but you can learn to manage it. If a man learns that he has HPV, he should tell his partner, HPV can cause cervical cancer, and in small cases, anal, and throat cancer. There is a vaccine available that you can opt to get.

5. The consent is about sex only

Consent is a subject which translates to major parts in life. Teaching young people about sex from an early age is important. They need to understand the whole concept of consent. It doesn’t only apply to sex but to sexual advances and language too. This is why early sex education for both genders is still very important.

Children are getting exposed to matters of sex very early and need to learn about consent too. Learning how to express and honor another in terms of needs and wants is a thing that will positively affect them for the days to come. Consent is a broader social lesson in regards to respect other person’s bodies and space. It is about letting people decide for themselves what they need and get affection and love.

6. Teens are rapid intimacy monsters

Teens might indeed have hormonal levels extremely higher than the adults. But this does not necessarily mean that teenagers can’t keep their hands off each other. Even though they get aroused easily and often, they learn self-control as well.

They don’t end up having sex all the time with every single person they meet. Intimacy takes time to cultivate. Yes, they feel the need to have sex but many learn to control their desires.


Lack of proper sex education is hurting society as a whole. This has led to the widespread of myths and misconceptions. Many people don’t understand sexuality and it shows even when interacting on the best dating sites.

There are so many misguided notions on what sex is and it shows for both genders. Information is power and it’s time some of these myths get busted. Society needs a wakeup call and learn to discuss sex openly. This leads to more correct information being transmitted across the board.

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