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Tue 10/26/10 03:40 PM
Okay Charles, smack me up the side of the head. I've been trying for two days looking for the link. After your reply I hunted again and discovered it depends on how you navigate to MM. I kept using the Mutual Matches area where it states "3 people want to meet you" and didn't realize I have to use the Your Mutual Matches link under the Mail link.

Thank you for your reply.

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Tue 10/26/10 01:47 PM
I agree, it appears to be a scam just to get $$ out of you.
I had the same thing; 3 people said they want to meet you. I clicked on the Who said yes link,upgraded to a pay account believing I would see who said yes. All that did was make the "Who said yes" link disappear. It is very misleading and smells like a scam and fraud to me because there's no getting a refund once you discover you're not getting what your led to believe you are paying for.