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Mon 12/13/21 10:25 AM
I listen to The Blues
Most of it is sad.
Doesn't really make me feel sad much tho, I love how the instruments are played and the feelings I get from the sound.

Relaxing Blues Blues Music 2015 Vol 3 Mix Songs |

Whiskey Blues Music | Best Of Slow Blues/Rock Songs | Relaxing Electric Guitar blues

Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues/Rock #1

sad2 shades winking waving

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Mon 12/13/21 10:16 AM
Aside from the fact pictures over 800x600 px force a side scroll of the page...
There are many...many corporate websites which provide teaching opportunities not only to children but adults as well.
Many offer at home 'experiments' parents can do with their children too.

One of my favorite sites is School of Champions

Welcome to the
School for Champions!
by Ron Kurtus

The purpose of this website is to help you achieve your potential and become a champion in your studies, personal life, career or business. It can also allow you to help others achieve their goals.

I've always been interested in gaining knowledge about various school subjects, in learning how to achieve personal improvement, and in professional development. I want to share information I have learned and material from top people in the various fields, as well as some of my own ideas and concepts.

The School for Champions™ will help you achieve your dreams by:

-Assisting you with basic education and strategies for success
-Providing you with principles to help you become a champion in whatever you do
-Encouraging you to champion worthy causes by helping others

Students and teachers from many colleges, high schools, and middle schools use the site. Also, authors from 151 published books have cited material from the website as a reference.

Check the list of subjects in the right column to find your area of interest.

New: You can now use your Tablet or Mobile device to view this site.

Subjects in website


Animal Health








Fiction Writing
Flash Development


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ISO 9000




Mental Health
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Physical Science
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Science Projects
SDI History
Speech Writing
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Technical Writing


Value in Life


Web Design
Writing Methods

Let's make the world a better place

Be the best that you can be.

Use your knowledge and skills to help others succeed.

Don't be wasteful; protect our environment.

You CAN influence the world.

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Mon 12/13/21 10:03 AM
Mechanics don't really rebuild wheel cylinders anymore, its cheaper to just replace it.

I can sew enough to mend something till I can replace it.
Its easier for me to just go buy a new one.

My mother used to darn socks (use a light bulb).

My sister and X used to make clothes.

I've never needed to do that.

I have however rebuilt wheel cylinders and master cylinders. I know how and have the tools but its getting harder and harder to find the individual parts needed.

When I get my gf dresses, I buy them.

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Mon 12/13/21 09:52 AM
The entire health/medical industry in the US is based on money.
Many people choose to have careers in the health professions because it is lucrative.

In most cases, tips and bribes do not influence the quality of health care you get but which insurance you have does. I'm sure there are individuals who do require a tip/bribe to give good healthcare but overall, not common.

In the states, an emergency room must treat everyone requesting medical assistance. ERs are often plagued with long wait times and tired staff.
This is because many people will go to the ER for care which is not actually an Emergency. Often, priority is given to actual emergency patients over say a toothache or a small cut on a finger.
This effects public perception of emergency room care.

Many ailments people bring to an ER are best cared for by their personal care provider.
Personal care providers are 'your' doctor & staff who are familiar with your specific health condition. PCPs usually see you by appointment and getting an appointment can sometimes require a long wait time.

Specialists provide care for specific health conditions. Your personal care provider usually has general overall health training and may or may not practice a specialty. When you need a specialist, your pcp will recommend you see a specialist who has experience with conditions common to yours. Specialists are often more costly than pcp. Some insurances cover certain specialist services but not others.

All materials used in health care, from band-aids to special machines cost more. This makes healthcare expensive, especially if you have no insurance.

Rx (prescription drugs) can also be expensive and difficult to find. Many insurance companies provide RX coverage but only for certain drugs. You often must co-pay part of the Rx costs yourself and all of the Rx costs if the insurance company doesn't cover that Rx. Sometimes, drug companies offer assistance with needed Rx and will work with you on the costs to you.

Some of the problems with US health care:
- over crowding in certain areas which push care visits to a longer wait time to be seen.
- Heavy patient load which causes doctors not to know you and your health concerns readily. Doctors often need to review your case history before they see you and may or may not remember you from the last time you visited.
- High costs. Not only for medical services and supplies but the insurance coverage premiums and co-pays.
- Drs who fail to 'listen' to their patients. Many drs listen to enough to make a guess as to the condition and ignore the details you provide. This cause incorrect diagnosis, incorrect treatment plans and ineffective Rx prescriptions. This is often accompanied with no proper or ineffective follow-up. So sure they 'did it right' they fail to consider the possibility they made a wrong diagnosis. This has a lot to do with the doctor's pride and image of self. Which is elevated by their extremely high salaries and influence.
- Medical personnel who chose the field for the wrong reason. In it for the money more than helping their fellow man. This results in forced compliance instead of wilful compliance. They fear 'breaking the rules and being sued' more than making patients' health worse.

Overall, the US health care system is driven by money(wealth) and power(influence).

How many Rx have you been prescribed which do not have the promised results?
How many cause side effects which require even more Rx to counter?
How many times has your doctor actually listened to you and asked you specific questions keyed to what you said?
How many doctors have told you they have no idea what is wrong with you but they will send you to someone who might?
How many times have you done the tests the doctor wants only to find out they now need you to do even more tests because the ones you did provided results which didn't align with their diagnosis?
What is the first thing an emergency room or a new doctor's office asks you for...Your insurance!
Try telling them you have no insurance and see what they do and how you get treated.

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Mon 12/13/21 09:06 AM
Depending upon the company and the position of your employment some actually do provide housing, cars, personal jets/airplanes, yachts and memberships to clubs.

The US military provides housing and food allotments for qualified service members. When I was in (1981-1988) it was called BAQ/COMRATS.

The company I worked for provided money for boots, tools and sometimes transportation, not to mention holiday bonuses and company picnics. Plus a salary based on the local economy.

POTUS gets a house, cars, airplane and escorts in addition to their salaries. Plus, many other perks.

Sports players often get perks of houses, cars and clubs in addition to bonuses and hefty salaries.

Some companies provide adequate salaries/wages for all workers based on economic location. This in turn gives the workers the ability to pay housing, transportation and entertainment themselves.

The perks you get from the company you work for is often directly related to the position of employment you hold while working there. The higher up the food-chain you go, the more perks available to you.

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Mon 12/13/21 08:53 AM
In a sense, 'lust' is the initial reason why you choose to pursue an interest.

It doesn't matter if it is driven by sex, money(wealth) or power.

There's a reason why dating sites provide pictures in the profile.
There's a reason why you gravitate towards someone new at an event.

Attraction starts with lust and grows with familiarity.

Lust gives you reason to want to get to know someone better to see if the two of you have anything in common.

Lust can turn into love once a connection is made between the two of you.
Lust for that special someone can also be broken, just like love can be broken.

Lust itself is not all bad. What makes it bad is what we choose to do with it.
Just like anger is not all bad but what we choose to do while angry can be.

When lust and love are present in the relationship its not a bad thing but when lust exists without love in a relationship, someone gets hurt.
The focus of the lust is also important in a relationship but not as important as what you choose to do with it. Jealously thrives when lust is present without the corresponding love.

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Mon 12/13/21 08:32 AM
Hello Nicole, hope all is well for you.

There's been times when I needed help and times when I was able to help others.

To understand what 'help' is you must first consider the people involved, their situation for needing help and the result of the specific help given/received.

Example: Lets say I need help unloading and putting away my groceries.
A neighbor offers to help.
My neighbor helps me carry my groceries from my truck to my door.
Then has to leave to make an appointment.

My neighbor actually helped me unload my truck and carry my groceries to my door.
My neighbor did not help me bring my groceries to the kitchen and assist me in restocking the pantry, fridge and freezer.

I am thankful for the help they did give me. They actually did help me but not completely. I appreciate the help I did receive but I still need more help with the task at hand.

I either finish the task myself or find someone else who can help me with the remainder of the task.

I call another friend to come over and help me get my groceries from the door to my kitchen and help me restock them.
They arrive and help me get my groceries into the kitchen but then they just sit at the table while I put them away. They have no idea where I want everything or if I need to re-wrap anything or transfer anything to different containers but...they do keep me company while I finish the remainder of the task, often giving moral support or praising how I do what I do. Sometimes, while just sitting there they will offer advice on something or find interest in how I do something.

There are many reasons why people ask for 'help'.
- they are physically unable to perform the task themselves
- they lack the knowledge to complete the task correctly.
- they do not want to do the task themselves but have someone else do it for them
- they are financially challenged
- they have too many other tasks needing to be done at the same time (too many Irons in the Fire)
- plus, there are as many reasons to ask for help as there are people on this planet.

There are many reasons why people offer 'help'.
- they are idle, not really doing anything important at the time
- they like you and want to be around you
- they need to have the feeling they are a good person
- they are scoping you out as a mark
- someone else gave them an ultimatum to help you 'or else'
-plus, there are as many reasons someone will offer to help as there are people on the planet.

There are also times when the help you request is not really the help you need. Sometimes, its obvious to everyone except you. You can't see the actual problem because you are too close to it or suffering from a delusional mindset about it.

For instance a drug addict asking for help getting their next fix. You can help them by giving them more drugs or you can try to help them by getting them in touch with a profession who actually can help them kick the addiction.

Sometimes, the 'help' requested is not what is needed.
Sometimes, 'help' comes in the form of information/resources needed to help yourself.
Sometimes, no matter how much 'help' you get the task cannot be completed because the task requires extreme methods beyond anybody's means.

The reason you started this thread is kinda obvious, having read some of your previous comments on other threads.

One thing that should be considered, If you can't find the help you think you need, do it yourself.
If you can't depend upon anyone, you need to depend upon yourself to lead your own life according to you. Only you have all the needed information. Only you have the inspiration, determination and sheer will to get it done according to you.
Stand up, brush yourself off, take a deep breath and take control of your own life.

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Mon 12/13/21 07:46 AM
Ever notice



I had to memorize my times tables in school.
Now, at 60 years old I don't use times tables much.
I look at the multiplier and the number being multiplied and do easy multiplication then add the results.

4x286= 4x6=24, 4x8=32+2=34, 4x2=8+3=11 ~ 11/4/4 or 1144
I easily know 4x20=80 add another 0 for 4x200=800 Now I just need to figure out 4x86. Well, 4x86=344, 4x6=24 ~ I know the last number will be a 4. I now I need to carry the 2 to the next number. 4x8=32+2=34 ~ I know the next number will be a 4, I now carry the 3 to the original 800 resulting with the 800 now being 1100. Now I know 1100 40 & 4 = 40+4=44 / 44+1100=1144 Its actually simple addition, Can be done in the head.

What concerns me is not children memorizing multiplication tables, what concerns me is how many young adults working in retail have no idea what change you get back unless a computerized register tells them.

Many times, when I pay with cash, I know what change I get back before they do!

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Thu 12/09/21 08:56 PM
Tom, what mg is your Tamsulosin? My VA doctor prescribed it for me. The stream and emptying is better but the number of trips hasn't gone down like I thought it would. Mine is a 0.4 mg.

The Same.
I changed my liquid intake time too.
I usually don't drink anything 3 hrs before bed.
When I do, I also pee a lot during the night.

I notice its easier for me to sleep in cold weather. My recent issues have been pain.
I get up around 6 or 7am but I can nap anytime I want.

Sometimes I take some nyquil about 4am or so and then I'll sleep 'knocked out' till round 11am but it gives me a nyquil hangover.

About 2 hrs before bed I try to eat something with bread or chips (crisps). My thinking is it absorbs liquid?

Lately my gf has been waking round midnight when she sleeps over but she also had surgery on her abdomen and complains about pain waking her too.

When I wake in the am my COPD is the worst and I need my inhaler, might be part of the reason I stay up instead of going back to sleep.

I'm pretty inactive due to my disability so I'm sure that has something to do with my sleep patterns.

I've noticed the pain waking has been since my surgery in September.
Before that, I slept 8 hours straight most nights.
I read as you age you need less sleep especially when your activity levels drop off.
I also read most people do well on 6 hrs of sleep in a 24 hr period.

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Thu 12/09/21 08:38 PM
Tonight I watched...

The House (2017) j renner w ferrell a poehler 5.5
Out of Sight (1998) g clooney d cheadle j lopez 7.0
Ablaze (2001) t arnold ice t j bradley
Spotlight (2015) m ruffalo m keaton r mcadams 8.0

Spotlight was really good, well made all around.
Its about the Boston Globe Spotlight article research into the Catholic priest child molestation scandal.

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Thu 12/09/21 02:58 PM
Its right when the walrus looked.

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Thu 12/09/21 02:25 PM

Do you mean a midnight snack Tom 🥪 biggrin :angel:

Yup, Lip Smackin Good!
Love the midnight Sausage Taco Combo...Sometimes the hot..sauce drips out but we learned to spread a towel first. Kinda like havin a picnic.

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Thu 12/09/21 12:28 PM
get up when I have to pee
Told the doc about that and he put me on Flowmax (Tamsulosin) and it really helped reduce the bathroom trips.
It does something with the prostrate which allows you to empty better and this gives you more room for a nights worth of liquid waste sumptin like that...?

I just know it works for me cause I was getting up every two hours or so to hit the porcelain. Now I gotta go when I wake for the day but I do make myself go before I crawl into bed at night.

My problem is muscle pain due to rigor mortis (I've been dead for years...).
My new bed has one of those limited movement mattresses and I've noticed I don't toss & turn much anymore. Its pretty comfy if I could just get my old bones to cooperate.

When she sleeps over - we never wake each other unless its something we want to do...if'n ya know what I mean...

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Thu 12/09/21 12:06 PM
I don't live in India and I personally care for no children in primary school (or any children at all).

I have noticed my grandchildren during preschool age were taught the concept of multiplication by their parents and daycare providers.

Its kinda strange to meet a 4 year old who asks for 2 pieces of candy for 3 people and they know how many they should get. Just try giving them only 5 pieces of candy andsee what happens, lol.

My youngest granddaughter was doing beginner multiplication in kindergarten and had multiplication homework in 1st grade.
She picked it right up but my son and his wife work with them constantly and buy them lil electronic learning games.

In school, math came easy for me. It was one class I knew I would get an A (4.0). Science also came very easy for me. Language arts and current events is where I would pull my hair out and curse the universe. But, I managed to pass with good grades anyhoo.

Most public school systems are regulated by the gov't. There are websites which explain the qualifications and requirements usually via a Dept of Education website here in the states. Dunno about India?


Legislation, regulations, guidance, and other policy documents can be found here for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and other topics.

Please note that in the U.S., the federal role in education is limited. Because of the Tenth Amendment, most education policy is decided at the state and local levels. So, if you have a question about a policy or issue, you may want to check with the relevant organization in your state or school district.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) supersedes No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

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Thu 12/09/21 07:21 AM
Santa Claus Is Back in Town -The Christmas Chronicles + Kurt Russell

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Thu 12/09/21 07:03 AM
Oh Yeah, almost forgot...

Christmas Together - Shooting Star

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Thu 12/09/21 06:57 AM
My favorite has to be the song sung by the camels in one of those Christmas specials. I can't recall the show but it was animation and the camels had a really good harmony.

Another is Silent Night by Raya Yarbrough from the ending of the movie Everly.

I enjoy Celtic Woman in concert and love the way they do the song Do You Hear What I Hear?

Every Christmas my dad played Gene Autry Christmas albums and my favorite memory is Christmas morning with Gene Autry on the record player.
Gene Autry - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

I've built a list of my Christmas Music collection.

a few choice picks:

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong
So This Is Christmas - John Lennon

The Little Drummer Boy - Phil Collins
Back Door Santa - Clarence Carter
Christmas With You - Firehouse

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - The Jackson 5
Last Christmas - Wham!
Merry Christmas Baby - Joe Bonamassa

Mistress For Christmas - Ac/Dc
Please Come Home for Christmas - The Platters
Silver Bells - Bing Crosby

Song For A Winter's Night - Gordon Lightfoot
The First Noel - Celtic Woman
Wonderful Christmastime - Paul McCartney and Wings

Blues Christmas Songs 2022

Merry Christmas!

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Thu 12/09/21 06:20 AM
Thru my life I worked many wierd shifts.
My sleep periods ranged anywhere from 3 hours a night to 12 hours a day.
The X was a dutiful wife. She always saw me off to work and greeted mt when I got home. It didn't matter the time of day.

My gf right now goes to bed around 9pm every night.
She gets up around 4 or 5 am.

I got to bed around midnight or 1 am (unless I am lost in a movie). I get up around 7 am.
Thing is, I wake multiple times during my sleep periods (can't sleep in pain).

I take my night meds around 9-10 pm. One of them is melatonin. I also take two acetaminophen PMs. I also take 4 other Rx drugs prescribed for bedtime.
It takes till nearly 1 am for those to affect me enough to be able to fall asleep.

When my gf goes to bed at 9pm sometimes I wonder why but I realize she is conditioned to be that way.
I accept her at face value and no longer have fears from jealousy. I don't mind her being on social media and talking to other men.
She is with me because she wants to be with me.
That's enough for me.

If this changes for either of us, it will be the end of the relationship but not the end of friendship.
We are two grown intelligent adults and neither of us is interested in playing childish games.

Next Subject: Poop Stink
Can you tolerate your partner's bathroom odors and does it cause you to have issues with your relationship?

Alternative Subject: Hard Knocks
Does your partner knock at your door or just walk right in? Does this cause problems in your relationship?

To me, sleeping differences ranks right along with those two subjects.

The real issue of this thread is trust. Not only the ability to trust your partner when you are not present but whether your partner is trustworthy when you are not present.

I suspect sleep patterns is but the tip of that iceberg.

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Thu 12/09/21 05:57 AM
Back atcha!

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Thu 12/09/21 05:50 AM
No matter the occasion I give gifts which expand horizons.
Since I only give gifts to people I know, I have no problem deciding on the type of gift I give.

Most of the gifts I give are not 'useful' gifts like appliances or devices.

I pay attention to what brings that inner smile to someone then gift in alignment with that.

I also give gag gifts along with the real gift.
I do creative wrapping, verbal anticipation and I watch intently as they discover the contents.

The gifts I give often expand that person's creativity or interests.

I've given:
Woodburning kits
Rock tumblers/polishers
Bead stringing kits
Art supplies
Musical instruments and supplies
Throwing knives
Camping support/supplies
Sewing supplies and kaboodles
Wood carving knife kits

When I gift someone with something new like that, I include all the components needed to do their first project.

For example a drawing gift will include pastels, colored pencils, markers charcoal pencils, smudges, a couple different weights of drawing pads and fixative. Sometimes I would include a starter book on drawing animals or people or perspectives.
The gag gift would be a small box of those huge crayons and a young kids coloring book (wrapped and given separately).

I've also been known to use strange articles during wrapping to break up the present's wrapping shape.
I once taped a ladle and old fishing reel to the outside of a crystal farm kit. When she opened the gift she laughed because she was 'looking' for that ladle.

I once got my MIL a nice set of comfy slippers.
I wrapped them separately and with different shapes and paper color. On Christmas Eve, I gave her one slipper and on Christmas morning I gave her the other. She got a nice belly laugh out of that.

It doesn't matter what you give.
What matters is you give from your heart to their heart.

Someone who loves to keep candy you could give a starter candy making kit.
Maybe a candy making recipe book and a starter supply of ingredients.

Someone who loves different beers you could gift with a home brewing kit or a collection of beer from around the world.

For a gamer, a nice assortment of game graphic novels might hit the spot. Perhaps a starter set of collectable miniatures with a display shelf.

For a reader, a comfy chair, a reading light, a mug warmer, a woobie or a pillow. A set of collectable book marks or a set of book owner stickers with Customized calligraphy.

For someone who collects wall art of poems or sayings a nice gift would be a quill pen set with different inks or perhaps a calligraphy set including technique books. Maybe include a certificate for framing at the local hobby shop.

If you are gifting someone you don't really know, like a visitor or a co-worker, keep it simple and give a gift which tells them you 'see' them.
Tactful gag gifts work well. Food also works well.
Meat/cheese and crackers, a cookie assortment, stuff like that.

I've given hot sauce assortments, BBQ sauce assortments, hot cocoa assortments w/ mugs and coffee assortments. I've even given starter spice racks.

Personally I stopped wanting presents decades ago.
I'm already gifted with love and friendship which, to me, is far more important and fulfilling.

Merry Christmas!