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Wed 01/05/22 09:58 PM
Tonight I watched...

Ghost in the Shell (2017)
Alita: Battle Angel (2019)
In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)
Shadow Conspiracy (1997)
Standoff (2016)

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Wed 01/05/22 11:11 AM

Matured love means having a Elder partner?

Not necessarily.

I've met people who are young but very mature.
I've met people who are older but very immature.

On some adult sites 'mature' indicates people past their prime but still sexually active. M2 is not an adult oriented site it is a social site with a dating feature.

In psychology, maturity is the ability to respond to the environment being aware of the correct time and location to behave and knowing when to act, according to the circumstances and the culture of the society one lives in.

The definition of mature refers to someone or something that is full grown or adult, either physically or in terms of behavior and attitude.

Emotionally immature people lack certain emotional and social skills and have trouble relating to other adults. Some behaviors can be a signal that you're dealing with an emotionally immature person: Impulsive behavior.

Immaturity usually indicates someone with little or no impulse control. This can be accompanied by different degrees of narcissism.

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Wed 01/05/22 11:00 AM
When I was actually looking and reading profiles I noticed some people who wrote "I date only within my race" or "I date only within my religion".

At the time, I believe there was a sort field for race and religion for searches. Not sure if it is still there or not.

You click on SEARCH at the top.
You select ADVANCED SEARCH and set your preferences.

I just looked...RELIGION and ETHNICITY still are available for preference.

Just realize the more specific you make your preferences the fewer search results you will get.

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Wed 01/05/22 10:42 AM
For the radio, is it an older model with a tuning band or digital? Tuner bands get distorted over time and in a shop they do get dirty. Old digital tuners also tend to act up (my coffee pot shuts off and restarts mid perk on its own sometimes, Its old).
Have you 'tried' replacing the radio? Try moving the radio to a different spot in the shop. It may have something to do with RF interference.
Most likely it is an issue with the tuner/power circuit.

As for the tools, I was a mechanic for years. I have absentmindedly placed tools, picked them up and put them back without thinking.

I've even went as far as packing a road service loadout box then absentmindedly unpacked and put it away.

The heavier the workload and the more things you have on your mind, the more likely for mild absentmindedness. Also, distractions (in a shop there are many) can lead to automatic tasking, sorta like 'muscle memory'.

Plus, as people age, automatic tasks become unnoticed. Even here at home now I do things without focusing on the task, then at a slightly later time I realize "Wow, I already did that".

I used to drive 60 miles one way to work everyday.
I can't count the number of times I made that drive without 'making that drive'.

Try placing your tools in a different spot. See how many times you automatically go to that old spot for the tools before you remember you put them elsewhere.

Find out if you know anyone who has access to your shop who listens to that station.

Pay attention to who is in your shop when you next notice your tools moving.

Is it always the same tools which move?

Is your shop close to heavy traffic, train tracks or low flying aircraft?

Have you tried placing your tools on a shop towel or in a tool tray?

Have you considered moving the bench, toolbox or shelf where you place your tools?

Does any other mechanic experience the same conditions as you in your shop?
Are their tools moving and returning on their own?

Is it only tools which move or will anything placed at that spot move?

Have you tried unplugging your radio at night?

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Tue 01/04/22 08:53 PM
Tonight I watched...

Beyond The Law (1993)
K-19: Widow Maker (2002)
Crimson Tide (1995)
The Peacemaker (1997)

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Tue 01/04/22 06:17 AM

...but we are also beginning to realize travelling to and colonizing other planets may be near impossible due to our dependence on this very specific environment.

We need new, improved bodies.
We can do much by making external tools such as space ships, but being less vulnerable in the first place is necessary.

Technically, a body is an interface between the mind and environment -and both the mind and body may potentially be improved in order to makes us less subject to environment -and environment more subject to us.

Netflix did a movie which explores this concept.
The Titan (2018) On a bleak future Earth, a soldier endures a radical genetic transformation to save humanity. But his wife fears he's becoming more creature than man.
It explores the process of genetically altering the human baseline to create an intelligent human-based creature able to live suit-free on the moon Titan.

In the Dune Fictional Universe, the Spacing Guild are humans altered by Spice to live/work in space.

In the mythology of Atlantis, humans have genetically altered to allow them to breathe/survive underwater.

In multiple science fiction novels and short stories humans are genetically altered in various ways to specialize in hostile environments, including long duration space flights.

Its not a giant leap to imagine our actual future might hold customized human body plans designed for specific environments.
We currently exist in an era of genetic manipulation and while still in its infancy, could eventually develop into popular demand. Right now, moral concerns over-ride innovation but that might be a temporary condition.

Terraforming is not a 'shake n bake' process. It takes many specific elements in just the right ratios and lots of time.
Its faster, cheaper and easier to change the human body than to change an entire planet.
Plus, any habitable planets which might be found will not be an exact Earth match and will take very long spaceflights to get there. If a colony ship is sent, robotics and AI can handle much but not all conditions. Some type of human mind presence will be needed to handle the unexpected.
Human minds which will need bodies able to exist in long duration spaceflight.

Specialized ship-tender humans may be developed which barely resemble base-line humans at all.
For example, artificial gravity does not exist. A human who lives their entire life in space may have no need for legs but they may have arms with hands where their legs should be.

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Tue 01/04/22 04:45 AM

in my opinion we have no idea about questions such as infinity when we really have no idea what is up there...and we don't.
Hell, we don't even know what's in our oceans.

Infinity isn't a "place" its a "concept".

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Tue 01/04/22 04:39 AM
I don't pay attention to the NEWS all.
I haven't read anything on COVID for 5 months.

What I did do is actually talk to people in a New Orleans hospital when I was recovering from emergency surgery.
I talked to actual patients who spent time in the COVID ward.

According to those I spoke with, nobody in the Covid ward was on a ventilator. Nobody died.
Patients were treated and released.

Of the nurses I spoke with, all were reluctant to talk about their time on the covid ward and most were disgusted about it.

While there, I was screened for covid twice. They put me on O2 and tried to push me to get vaccinated. They wanted me to have covid so I could be another numbered statistic for that hospital. I imagine they get hefty money for higher percentage of covid patients.

In town, I've noticed fewer and fewer people wearing masks. I've noticed signs to mask have also disappeared. A few still wear masks but now more are without, than with.

Real life has caused me to believe the covid pandemic is more a social pandemic than an actual threat. Yes, covid exists but it is not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

I still 'personally know' nobody who has contracted covid or has been hospitalized from it. I've certainly seen nobody die from it.

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Mon 01/03/22 10:45 PM
Uranus (pronounced 'yer a nus') rotates on its side.

I grew up with nine planets but Pluto is not a planet because of its size.
Pluto is a Kuiper Belt object (KBO).

If we class Pluto as a planet we must also class similar sized KBOs as planet and this would mean our system has 17 planets and counting.

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Mon 01/03/22 10:36 PM
We met thru Mingle2.
We exchanged a few messages on Mingle2.
I gave her my phone number.
We talked twice and decided to meet.
We set it up to meet at the local McDonalds for lunch.
She couldn't make it.
We set up to meet at a local gas station.
We met and talked from our car windows.
She followed me home.
We talked some more and kissed.

We have been together over 3 years now and so far its pretty good. She comes over on weekends and spends the night.
We both agreed we need time apart and it has made our relationship stronger.
By Friday, we are both eager to see each other.

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Mon 01/03/22 10:30 PM
Tonight I watched...

MegaBoa (2021)
Camel Spiders (2011)
Anon (2018)
Law Abiding Citizen (2009)
Mile 22 (2018)

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Mon 01/03/22 10:25 PM

I had a thought

How would You describe 'Now' without saying the present or vise versa?

The present or now. is a concept based on and reinforced by our own perception as fed to us by our five senses and exactly nothing more than our subjective (or individual) veiwpoint.

the past, present and future are, maybe the same outside of our own senses, and we are concievably existing indefinately in a sort of bizzarre, fantasmagorial kind of medium in which past, present or future have no meaning.

call it eternity or forever if you want.
Just a thought..

Now is really not 'now'. What we see as 'now' is in fact in the past.
This is because duration happens from the current state to the 'now' we understand. This duration is our nervous system sensing conditions and sending those signals to our brain which then creates an impression of 'now'.
Technically, in this way, we all live in the past slightly but it is still the past. If the 'now' changes before we can process it, we get confused.
Mind altering drugs, alcohol and brain defects can all lead to confused assessment of 'now'.

Time is a series of static states which change faster than we can detect (like snapshots from a camera). We see time as a fluid motion of progress most of the time.
Since our brains can associate slight changes in those static states we can predict the future in most cases. However, the more distant the prediction from the current detected state, the more likely our predictions will have errors.
When conditions change faster than we can predict we get surprised.

You see a pencil rolling off a table. You predict its future of it falling onto the floor. If a ball hits the pencil as it is falling, it doesn't hit the floor as predicted and we are surprised by that. The predicted series of state changes does not align with the reality. But, if you predict the ball hitting the pencil as it is falling, your prediction is valid and you have predicted the future.

The Past is processed by memory.
The Present is processed by stimuli.
The Future is processed by prediction.

Since the past is processed by memory and memory is more than a record of events, the past is subject to beholder and can be incorrect to actual events.

Some of the predictions of the future involve the memory of the past.

You once saw a pencil roll across a table and fall on the floor. You expect it to do the same thing you witnessed in the past.
When the ball intercepts the predicted outcome, present conditions have changed the future prediction.

The Past, Present and Future are extremely significant in the fact they constitute what we call "Life" or "Living".

Forever (Always) is a construct of our minds which bases in our ability to recognize the future and the past.
Never is also a construct of our minds based on our ability to recognize the past and predict the future.
'Forever' is optimistic and 'Never' is pessimistic.
'Usually' and 'Likely' acknowledges unpredictable events happen.

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Mon 01/03/22 08:19 AM
Infinity/Forever put into perspective...

Step One:
Count the individual atoms which make up a 1 cubic inch of Iron. Assign one number to each atom starting with one. Do this physically, not with a computer.

Step Two:
Add to that number the individual atoms which make up an Iron Bridge.

Step Three:
Add to that number the individual atoms which make up a continent.

Step Four:
Add to that number the individual atoms which make up the planet Earth and its atmosphere.

Step Five:
Add to that number the individual atoms which make up the solar system including all mass within.

Step Six:
Add to that number the individual atoms which make up the Milky Way galaxy.

Step Seven:
Add to that number the individual atoms which make up the galactic local group of galaxies.

Step Eight:
Add to that number the individual atoms which make up the local galactic super-cluster.

Step Nine:
Add to that number the atoms which make up the entire Universe.

Step Ten:
Add one and continue to add one more each second.
Each resulting addition of one would take longer to write than all the numbers from the previous nine steps.

Since one can always be added, the result defines eternity and infinity.

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Mon 01/03/22 07:03 AM
Swiss company Algordanza takes cremated human remains and — under high heat and pressure that mimic conditions deep within the Earth — compresses them into diamonds. Rinaldo Willy, the company's founder and CEO, says he came up with the idea a decade ago. Since then, his customer base has expanded to 24 countries.

Sending a body w/casket into space (orbit) is very expensive. (weight/thrust/fuel)
Sending a diamond would be much cheaper.

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Thu 12/30/21 09:52 AM

Something else I've noticed is the fact most of the land mass is North of the Equator.

By comparison, A map of Mars with 71% of its surface covered in water shows most of the land mass at its equatorial regions.

Venus shows land mass spread fairly evenly across its globe.

I'm guessing these differences have something to do with each planet's plate tectonics? Venus being the most active and fragmented and Mars being the most stagnated and inactive.

You can't feel it but the Earth's land mass is moving beneath you right now. The map we know today wasn't always the map of Earth.

In about 250 million years the Earth will have yet a different map.

Even then (you might notice) most of the land mass will be North of the Equator.

I'm curious about the orbital mechanics which can make such a unique global trend on only one planet in a system?
How does this affect life development?
Does land mass influence the development of intelligence and civilization?

Its a known fact isolated pockets of land mass develop life unique to that isolation (Madagascar). Fossil records show similar dinosaur species populating specific land masses. It also shows resultant migration when the Central American land bridge developed.

It is hypothesized the American hemisphere was populated due to the Russian-Alaskan land bridge.
Human population then migrated South on the American hemisphere.

This indicates life migrates faster via large large masses.

Large land masses also have different weather patterns than smaller ones. It has to do with thermal differences.

Nothing I can find explains why continental 'tails' mainly point South no matter its position relative to the Equator?

Most people can't be bothered with such questions.
A Flipped World is merely entertaining but when I consider a "Flipped World" my mind explodes with questions. I find it extremely interesting.

But then, I'm weird and I've been "Flipped Out" for quite some time...

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Wed 12/29/21 11:16 AM

Love Done Left Home - Cee Cee James - Mission of S.O.U.L.

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Wed 12/29/21 11:12 AM

Styx - Lonely Child

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Wed 12/29/21 11:07 AM

Lara Price - Time

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Wed 12/29/21 11:07 AM

Samantha Fish - Place To Fall - Don Odell's Legends

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Wed 12/29/21 10:58 AM

Snowy White - On The Edge Of Something (Live Version)

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