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Mon 03/03/08 06:24 PM

9 untill ya get more photo's up.

posted more!

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Mon 03/03/08 08:05 AM
men~ just think when they are sick boo hoo hoolaugh

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Sun 03/02/08 08:19 PM
looking for someone to get to know as friends and open to more.

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Sun 03/02/08 07:59 PM

Dang...I need more tissues

You guys are great....marry me!!!drinker :heart: bigsmile

there are enough in here that you can spare one of 'em to me right??

Maybe, but I get first pick!! :wink:

i want one too

fair enough drinker

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Sun 03/02/08 07:41 PM
---passing around the tissues:cry: :cry: :cry:

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Sun 03/02/08 07:34 PM
ok ladies brought us some tissues, some coffee, and some paper and pens to take noteslaugh

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Sun 03/02/08 07:32 PM

I love the fast beat of my heart when it's getting off work time and finally i get to hold her in my arms! So I guess I love the way they make you feel when they love you!


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Sun 03/02/08 07:21 PM
delaware here tooflowerforyou

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Sun 03/02/08 07:17 PM

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Sun 03/02/08 07:15 PM

wow you look gorgeous...congrats on the weight loss too!


thanks,been sweating my booty off!
skinny girls working out at the gym were my motivation-hate them!laugh laugh j/k

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Sun 03/02/08 07:09 PM
ty sweetsflowerforyou

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Sun 03/02/08 07:02 PM

pics are smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin smokin

A little more info might be nice....flowerforyou

tell me what you wanna know, im open to suggestions what the profile may need

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Sun 03/02/08 06:57 PM
ty sweet gentlemen

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Sun 03/02/08 06:49 PM
updated the profile, havent been on here in almost 5!

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Wed 01/30/08 08:14 PM

sugar and spice and everything nice...


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Wed 01/30/08 08:14 PM

great pic and profile flowerforyou


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Wed 01/30/08 08:07 PM
dont be mean...just let me know what ya think

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Thu 01/24/08 06:29 AM
i dont lie
i dont cheat
when they say they are self employed---JOBLESSlaugh

we women seem to have met the same guy a few times around..

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Thu 01/24/08 06:12 AM

Absolutely .... bigsmile ... nothing ventured ?? , nothing gained ?? right ?.. drinker flowerforyou drinker


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Thu 01/24/08 06:09 AM
if i thought he was the one---sure, what are chances-if you dont take them

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