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Mon 07/01/13 01:12 AM
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Arma 2
EVE Online
...Ugly Baby
Drunken Robot Pornography

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Thu 08/25/11 11:30 PM
From what I've seen, it looks like a Twilight Princess rehash. It could be good, but I'll wait until I hear some reviews.

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Thu 06/16/11 07:11 AM
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I usually listen to the chillout channel on if I'm doing homework or something. When I'm at work I usually listen to some kind of breakcore or electro-industrial.

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Sun 05/22/11 01:46 AM

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Wed 05/18/11 06:27 AM

the Apple OS is actually based on the Linux OS as well.

It's based on BSD, actually.

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Sun 05/01/11 08:27 PM
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I prefer Windows, although I haven't had too much exposure to Apple's OSX.

Also, I would prefer Linux to both of these if I could get all my games working.

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Fri 04/29/11 01:04 AM
Daft Punk - Da Funk

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Thu 04/28/11 10:29 PM
Saw someone else upgrade to Natty today. I don't like the desktop environment they chose. Unity looks like it might be good for a tablet, but I don't want it on my desktop.

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Mon 04/25/11 08:45 AM
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I think that's a terrible way to address the problem. If they really want to do something about rape, they should get some sort of personal protection (CCW). But this seems to me like it was more about feminism than anything.

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Tue 04/19/11 03:25 AM
Just came out around midnight on Steam. The story is pretty cool, and I've yet to try coop(trying to finish single-player first).

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Tue 04/19/11 02:24 AM
Been playing Portal 2 for a few hours now. Really cool game.

For anyone that's playing it, what do you think of it?

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Tue 03/29/11 05:38 AM
taking away firearms, too

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Sun 03/27/11 01:17 AM
It's always time for Caramelldansen

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Sat 03/26/11 04:38 PM
Neuromancer by William Gibson

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Sat 03/26/11 08:37 AM
The problem is you're using IE. It's not the greatest browser out there and the 64-bit version is full of bugs they haven't gotten around to fixing yet. I'd recommend trying a different browser, possibly Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

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Fri 03/25/11 04:34 PM
I would, but I have to get to work now. Maybe I'll set up a macro to do it when I get home.

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Fri 03/25/11 04:29 PM
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What's that? You want to be spammed with nudges? I'm on it. :P

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Mon 03/21/11 05:10 PM
They died a long time ago.

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Sun 03/20/11 09:11 PM
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Do you have the drivers for your card installed?

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Thu 03/17/11 04:02 PM
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Probably the first novel I've read without it being assigned reading material.

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