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Sun 10/12/08 09:33 AM
Friend's 21rst birthday.
Weekend long celebration happy
Good so far.
I'm really happy. happy happy

And thanks Pete!smitten
I think you're
more so amazing:tongue:

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Wed 10/08/08 09:17 PM
I think I
fail at life.
Ah oh well.
I'm still trying!

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Mon 10/06/08 08:02 PM
Pete is awesome.
And apparently hiding =P
Trying to get
better, thanks dear =)

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Sun 10/05/08 06:27 PM
Thank you Pete.
I don't like
feeling this way.:cry:

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Sat 10/04/08 05:19 AM
So I see
Life is balanced
One good weekend
One bad weekend
Could get better
I have doubts
sad2 brokenheart :cry:

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Thu 10/02/08 06:53 PM
I *heart* you!!

Goin out tonight!! drinker

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Wed 10/01/08 02:43 PM
Ahh the classic subbed versus dubbed debate.
I stand on the subbed side no doubt.
Which brings up the question, is there a subbed version of Desert Punk? Cause I think I might be able to stand it if so. My friend says it's only in English though. If I cared enough I search myself, but I feel like being lazy and posing the question to the masses. =P

Speaking of Yu Yu Hakusho I am watching the first saga =D I really should be watching it subbed, but since I'm usually multitasking when I watch, I watch it dubbed. Shame me if you must =P

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Wed 10/01/08 02:36 PM
Why the sadness? =/

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Mon 09/29/08 01:06 PM
I don't think that Death Note sucks all the much, though I do prefer the manga and then the subtitled version to the English currently on Adult Swim. Ah well.

I think I'd like to watch Boogiepop Phantom, just cause I keep hearing that it's good. What's it about?

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Mon 09/29/08 01:03 PM
My weekend was...
Of the good.
Filled with hope.
I do hope...

Everyone else, hmm?

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Mon 09/29/08 12:59 PM
My work is pretty boring. Like today I just sat and read my book. It was pleasant.

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Fri 09/26/08 01:53 PM
Well it counts if work is fun. Is work fun?

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Fri 09/26/08 01:51 PM
How creepy o.o I am very near there...home wise anyway. Though currently in RI for school haha. Hopefully you can find people though!

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Fri 09/26/08 01:48 PM
It's the weekend.
And I'm tired.
How very unfair.

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Fri 09/26/08 01:43 PM
Oooh indeed. But hey, it's the weekend! Anyone have any fun plans?? =D

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Tue 09/23/08 08:23 PM
Bed time soon.
I suppose anyway.

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Tue 09/23/08 11:41 AM
That's a rather sad story...I <3 kitties...=(

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Mon 09/22/08 08:08 PM
That would be cool if they were making it it's on channel. But I somehow feel like that's not it. =/

And no...I'm still good with not watching Bleach =P

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Fri 09/19/08 01:43 PM
Day is done =)

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Thu 09/18/08 07:31 PM
Same for me.
Nighty night lovey.

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