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Sun 01/30/22 10:30 AM
The winner takes it all
Meryl Streep

I dedicate it by myself

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Sun 01/30/22 02:47 AM
Yes, both can send pics to each other using the app but ladies have to send the first pic before the guys can send theirs. This is to prevent guys sending unwanted pics.

Hi Admin Delightfulillusion,

Thank you so much for your kind answer.
Have a beautiful day! :rose:

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Sun 01/30/22 02:30 AM
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That is a feature you must be on the mobile App in order to see the feature..

Forum Admin

Hi Forum Admin TxsGal3333,

If may I ask you, I understand that correctly, the both women and men can send a pictures to each other, if only they have App of Mingle2?

Thank you so much and have a beautiful day! :rose:

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Sat 01/29/22 03:20 PM
Splendid tour unlimited

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Fri 01/28/22 07:36 PM

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Fri 01/28/22 08:13 AM

in general could say that dating sucks , not only in these hard days, it is so artificial situation when always one partner (always the male) is trying to impress the other partner (always the female) in order to gain her approval for physical contact one way or another ...
it is better to just get to know each other normally without per-expectations and let everything flows and let it happened according to laws of attraction ... if you both had chemistry then it will happen ... the problem is the pandemic caused us to be more disconnected than before ... we need to break all walls that set us all apart and reconnect with each other again, we should invent new methods for contact between strangers, and we should be all open minded for all possibilities ...
Lesson learned from the past 2 years, we should be more connected together because life is short and we all deserve not to be alone ...
Best wishes for all,

Yes, life is too short..
Carpe diem..

Have a beautiful day for all!

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Fri 01/28/22 06:52 AM
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Hi KitKat! :wave: Is the snow dance to make it snow or to prevent snow?

In Virginia the kids used to try to make it snow by doing superstitious things like wearing their pajamas backward/inside out and flushing ice cubes down the toilet. I tell my students here in Kazakhstan about that and they think it's so funny.

Hi Bonnie and KitKat, :hugging:

About funny things which makes that you can enjoy about the snow..

Do you both know how make a eagle on the snow?

How to make someone turn into a little snowman ... just stand under a snow-covered tree and shake the twig, making it will be snowing...:snowflake:
For a while you have a little snowman or snowgirl..

There is such a custom among Polish highlanders, that you can to go on the horse- drawn wagons with bells and torches on the snow in the forest.
This is so beautiful especially at the night..

Have a beautiful day!

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Thu 01/27/22 12:43 PM

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Thu 01/27/22 12:41 PM

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Thu 01/27/22 10:49 AM
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As I said, That is specific to the person you are with.

If, for instance, you visited me.
I would do things with you that allows you to experience my countries culture. Some museums and cultural venues, long drives to different small towns so you could see and meet the 'everyday' people, small taste tests of different foods and light shopping at different stores. Perhaps take you on a clothing store tour so you can see how you look in different attire. Then an evening talking about what you witnessed and experienced.

If I were to visit you, I would want to see your country and understand the cultures and traditions you know as 'normal life'. I would want to try some of the traditional foods and go shopping at traditional stores. Then, sit down together and talk about what we did and how it is different to me.

You describe it in this way, which I always imagined.. how wonderful is to meet people from other countries, what is so amazing in others cultures, perception of the world in which they live.. and as you mentioned not only now, but some times ago.. to being in places and meeting people which are "everyday living".
What I noticed, that people from the States have a beautiful smile..
I'm not sure, that it is "every day live style", but I'm pretty sure that I met two years ago in Gdynia, couple of tourists from the States and both woman and man was smiling in that beautiful way..

For me it would be beautiful feeling, to experience all of it.. if only some day I will meet someone, from the other side of the globe..

Thank you so much, Tom. :rose:

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Thu 01/27/22 09:22 AM
If this is a thread game, Its not working. Mainly because you have no idea who will reply next.

If this is a wish fulfillment for your next actual dating encounter, I exist in the now and in the now my relationship with my GF is quite healthy so, I'm not looking.

If this is a general exercise in practical possibilities for your next date, it could be fun but without actually knowing the next person you date, its difficult to dream of possible activities.

Some people want to party hardy and let go.
Others might want personal and quiet.
Some may want to explore new things.
Others might want to eat or drink or make out.

It REALLY does depend upon the person you are with.

Personally, I enjoy a wide range of interests and activities but I am restricted from my disability.
Those restrictions affect the activities I can do.

I like long walks on the beach at night but my legs swell up when I am on them for long periods. By nightfall, its often difficult for me to stand, let alone walk on the beach.
Walking anywhere for duration is painful.

I'm also no longer a socialite. I don't enjoy popular venues as I used to. I don't do night clubs or concerts anymore. I can but only for a very limited time. Plus, I feel society is insane and I don't trust social gatherings.

My restrictions and limitations affect my date-ability for most women. However, I do have a great imagination and I am creative in the activities I can do. I'm a natural entertainer and I am quite jolly. I treat the people I am with respectfully and acknowledge them as persons. Most people like to be around me.

So, it doesn't really matter what we are doing, as long as my pain is manageable, we have a great time. However, when the pain gets too much, I withdraw and become quiet. If I keep the physical exertions to a minimum, the activities I can do last longer.

I know my limits. I also know those limits are more than many women can bear. I'm not suitable for all women. Luckily I've found a woman who really enjoys me being me. We enjoy our time together no matter what we are doing.

Hi Tom4Uhere,

I know that, this is not what I wanted that should be..

What I meant was..

How you can imagine or how you would like to spend the first date with that special someone..
maybe that someone special person from Mingle2..

Have a beautiful afternoon! :rose:

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Thu 01/27/22 04:30 AM
Anywhere would be special with that special someone.

Hi Poetrywriter, :rose:

yes it is true..

Have a beautiful day!

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Wed 01/26/22 12:43 AM
Wonderful teacher

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Wed 01/26/22 12:41 AM
Sentence was created in the middle of the night, but of course this fact don't allow to make a mistakes..

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Tue 01/25/22 07:22 PM
Disbelief is what we can avoid or to follow for them...

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Tue 01/25/22 07:15 PM
Enjoy when raindrops are hitting on the window sill or roof..

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Tue 01/25/22 04:19 AM

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Tue 01/25/22 04:16 AM
Nothing special

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Tue 01/25/22 04:14 AM
Directions journey

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Mon 01/24/22 02:42 PM