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Sat 02/04/23 05:39 AM
Whitney Houston - Try It On My Own :rose::heart:

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Thu 02/02/23 11:57 AM
Nat King Cole - Fascination :rose:

Have a beautiful time here!:rose:

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Thu 02/02/23 07:40 AM
Bette Midler - The Rose :rose:

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Wed 02/01/23 03:59 PM
Whitney Houston - I look to You ♥

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Wed 02/01/23 03:57 PM
Even though we don't interact much, I think you're one of the sweetest persons on the forums.
Thank you for being you❤

Hi Pumpilicious,:rose:

Life is beautiful and we can see this beauty through our eyes...♥ every day and every night.. every hour, and every minute..
Thank you so much for your goodness.

May your life be filled with love and peace...Be always beautiful within you as you are..

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Wed 02/01/23 01:22 PM
Lashes :rose:

Waterfall or river 🦋

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Sun 01/08/23 01:01 PM
"Count On Me" - Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans :rose:

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Sat 01/07/23 07:46 AM
Hi Nicole :hugging:

I hope your holiday was peaceful and filled with love.

OT: Ziva know what time to appear? :wave:

Hi Stormy, :rose:

Thank you so much. I hope you found a house of your dreams.


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Fri 01/06/23 01:30 PM
Stage 3 cancer. I'm feeling way less than groovy.

Hi Rock, :rose:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6 ESV

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Mon 01/02/23 06:29 AM
May this New Year brings you All fullness of love because life was given from love...


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Thu 12/29/22 10:08 AM
Edited by Nicole on Thu 12/29/22 11:03 AM
Good evening from my part of the world to All of you and Each of you, :wave:

I would love to thank you so much for your point of view:rose:It was nice to read your opinion.
May New Year 2023 bring you so much love all around the world!

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Wed 12/28/22 01:30 PM
"Just promise me you’ll think of me everytime you look up in the sky and see a star.”
— Eminem

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Wed 12/28/22 01:05 PM
Give your smile :blush:

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Wed 12/28/22 12:58 PM
You're sweet

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Wed 12/28/22 12:41 PM
Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot this is Tricity, North of Poland :blush: near Baltic Sea

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Mon 12/26/22 06:02 AM
Thinking this has been the best Christmas with my family in a really long time, absolutely no drama. Lots of love, happiness, laughter, and togetherness. ❤

Also thinking... Of all the holidays, Christmas is my favorite and the most meaningful to me. It's also been a very difficult time of the year for me as it was a week before Christmas 16 years ago when my oldest son passed away. It's only been the past three years that I've been able to fully embrace the spirit again, partly I believe from being around those who also embrace the spirit and help to make Christmas special for me...

So I'm thinking in choosing the one who's right for me, they simply must love Christmas, or at least be open to embracing the spirit if for some reason they lost it or never found it... and take the time to wish me a Merry Christmas. :heart_eyes:

Wishing you River lots of love.. a love which embrace you in the most beautiful way....
Sending you touch of my heart ..:hugging::dizzy:

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Mon 12/26/22 05:13 AM
A nice greet
From a friend great
Words to treasure
With warm nature

Wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO your Friend

Hi Vibes, :wave:

Thank you so much for your wishes.
May your day be filled with Christmas beautiful lights.

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Mon 12/26/22 05:11 AM
Happy 🥰 to see my precious Nicole smiling, let this joy stay forever in you ❤

Smiling is one of the beautiful ways of seeing happiness in others.. which we can find in their eyes ... my lovely Aatheera...:blossom:

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Mon 12/26/22 12:47 AM
My lovely Aatheera, :blossom:

Your beautiful heart touched my life making me feel that I received a wonderful gift ... a friend..
I treasure a lot that I met your beautiful soul here.. I am so grateful for your beautiful peace and fountain of azure water ..which embrace my soul..
Thank you my sweetheart for your presence, for wisdom from your delicate soul..and heart..

Your beautiful poem makes so much joy for my heart.. because of the garden of beautiful flowers ..which are now in my heart..:hugging::hearts:

“When everything else in life’s garden seems to wither away, friendship is the flower that will bloom to save the day.” — Anonymous

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Sun 12/25/22 04:47 PM
In every part of the world .. which you are now ..

May you spend an enchanted and unique Christmas and may this Christmas time brings you much love...

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