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Sun 07/03/22 04:33 PM
"It's better to cry than to be angry; because anger hurts others, while tears flow silently through the soul and cleanses the heart." :blossom:

—Saint Pope John Paul II

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Sun 07/03/22 08:52 AM
My Lovely Nicole :hugging:

How are you doing? Felt I should be connecting with you through private messaging but messages weren't getting sent to you. Each day, I remember the love and warmth you gave me during the most struggle some moments in my life, I'm grateful for having you beside always :innocent:

My dearest :cherry_blossom: If possible, please send me a message in PM, wish to remain connected with you always :rose::sparkles:

Dedicating the below quote to you my lovely :sparkles:

"You are my soul's deepest mystery, you hold me close, yet so far" - Angie Weiland

My Lovely Aatheera, :hearts::hugging:

From the bottom of my heart, I would love to send you my gratitude for your beautiful kindness and your warmth which is for me always like a beautiful touch of your enchanted soul... :blossom: which always gives me something unique..
This means a lot to me..

Touching you with smiles and warm thoughts which are always within my soul for you.. may you always protect a beauty which you have in your heart that gives you strength and makes you happy...

Despite my silence, I was thinking about you, I will never stop feeling this beautiful connection with your lovely soul, it's so rare, precious, and unique for me.. and always will be...
Among the millions of stars in the sky, one beautiful star that shines and shimmers with blue light is your angel who always cares for you..:sparkles:

For you and your inner beauty.. I dedicate this though..:rose:

" A stardust soul… It’s that heart of gold, and Stardust soul that make you beautiful. "

- R.M. Broderick

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Mon 06/27/22 12:12 AM
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Thank you..:rose:

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Sun 06/26/22 07:16 AM
If you never talk to me again, I just want to ask you not to be angry with me and forgive me..

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Mon 06/20/22 07:47 PM
Edited by Monica on Mon 06/20/22 08:46 PM
No matter how I'm trying to convince myself..
I feel that I miss you so much...

You made me smile, and I felt happy when you were here...

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Mon 06/20/22 03:30 PM
I hope not devasted this thread..:wink: because I still believe that men like that exist...

Smile to me, let me feel your boyish charm in your eyes.. and when I feel it..

Dance with me..

.. on the beautiful beach among the azure waves which are crashing on a shore in the middle of the night on the moonlight..,

..... among the trees in the forest by the campfire..,

.. in the kitchen during making a dinner.., the fireplace with a charming smile on your eyes.., the pub or an in the bar on a Saturday evening.., on the green lawn when the morning dew is shimmering on the sunrise and it is like a beautiful rainbow...

Anywhere .. but with you .. with that special man..

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Mon 06/20/22 02:06 PM
Just me :wave::heart: as Angel with devilish character..

Next Charming Guy or Stunning Gal :wink:

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Mon 06/20/22 01:52 PM
Dla mężczyzny, który jest tak daleko...ale jego piękne myśli mogę zatrzymać w moim sercu...

I'm aware that a friend who cares about friendship would defend this beautiful bond.
If you won't ever speak to me, I respect boundaries.

I would love to thank you for all the beautiful moments here, which I treasure a lot and I will keep in my memories...

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Mon 06/20/22 10:13 AM
Hi Nice Members of Mingle, :wave::blossom:

I'm aware that Polish is not a foreign language used in an international environment, but maybe for various reasons, you would like to exchange learning Polish for learning Spanish or conversations in English.

In my opinion, learning, and teaching languages may be much more funny and pleasant, and useful of course in day-to-day life if we talk freely about everything.

I thought that perhaps learning foreign languages is a hobby for you, or maybe you would like to make a date with a gal from Poland or a guy from Poland, or you would like to travel, but speaking of that, there are many reasons to learn foreign languages.

If you would be interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a beautiful week! :blush::wave:

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Sun 06/19/22 05:32 PM
Proszę nie gniewaj się na mnie..:wave::hugging:

I miss talking to you..

Perhaps you will never want to talk to me again ...
I messed something what was for me so special..

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Sun 06/19/22 12:16 PM
Proszę nie gniewaj się na mnie..:wave::hugging:

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Sun 06/19/22 07:31 AM
Edited by Monica on Sun 06/19/22 07:37 AM
Wonderful lines Nicole :hugging::rose:

A Dad doing a dual role of a mom and dad or a Mom taking responsibilities of a dad and mom, definitely deserves an applause :star2:

Wishing my dearest Nicole and Everyone a relishing and a deserving day for all the hard work, courage, dedicated responsibility with a wonderful smile behind all the struggles you hold!!

Happy Father's Day :cherry_blossom::sparkles:

My Lovely Aatheera, :blossom:

:blossom: In your beautiful poems about the wonderful bond and love with which the father's heart is overflowing, in which the father shows how to be brave towards life in his wonderful way ... I find something that can't be described in words.
That so beautiful connection we can find only hidden deeply in the father's and child's hearts.

Wishing you my Dearest Aatheera and Everyone to experience this beautiful parental Love! :heart:

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Sun 06/19/22 03:07 AM
Edited by Monica on Sun 06/19/22 04:02 AM
In my heart is your beautiful heart ..and you are the only one I belong to ...

and I don't expect anything..because only your heart will know whether it wants to reciprocate this feeling or not.

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Sat 06/18/22 10:43 PM
Edited by Monica on Sat 06/18/22 10:45 PM
Happy Father’s Day! :heart:

The world is always a better place because of an amazing dad who loves you, because of a beautiful bond between a father and child!

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Fri 06/17/22 10:07 AM
Worried to see this Nicole, please take care, holding you in my prayers..

My Lovely Aatheera, :blossom::hearts:

Your words mean a lot. I am grateful that I met here such a beautiful soul!
Sending you from the bottom of my heart my warm thoughts.

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Fri 06/17/22 06:10 AM
Thinking about a sweet dream I had about a fellow mingler and now I am convinced I am crushing for real... :scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

P.S. C'mon Bonnie, we support you... Do it!

Merry, :blossom: the most beautiful feeling is to love and to be loved with reciprocity..
I am happy for you.. :hugging:

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Fri 06/17/22 06:05 AM
Thank you all for the beautiful and heartfelt words. :blossom:

Finding strength in ourselves despite the thorns that sometimes pierce the heart from different sides at one time is a beautiful part of life.

And yet there is such beautiful rose variety without thorns...:rose:

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Thu 06/16/22 12:20 AM
I feel sad, I lost a friend of mine who is a beautiful part of my soul...

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Tue 06/14/22 11:50 AM
My Lovely Nicole :hugging:

That's so sweet :rose: You are the source of calmness for me always and my soul finds so much peace when it meets you through your thoughts and words :cherry_blossom::sparkles:

I dedicate this quote for you my dearest :rose:Have a wonderful Sunday :blush:

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. And that's what I'd hoped to give you forever" - Nicholas Sparks

My lovely Aatheera, :hearts: :hugging:

May the stars which shine in the skies always surround your beautiful soul with their beautiful and peaceful glow...:star2:
and the falling stars which shimmering among the skies illuminate the path in your life...

May your heart will always beat with courage and by their beauty..

I dedicate this quote to you, My Dearest Aatheera, :blossom:

"She wrote love with her smile and magic with her eyes."
- Giovannie de Sadeleer

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Tue 06/14/22 11:27 AM
If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.” :blossom:

– Flavia Weedn

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