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Mon 06/13/22 06:30 AM
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My enchanted DA if you exist at all.. :blush:

I need a lot of happiness and even more positive energy .. :blossom:
I am supposed to have my first job interview tomorrow, which may help me go abroad in a short time.

What is most beautiful in all this is that even if I will be working 12 hours a day, I will be at the seaside on a peninsula...

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Mon 06/13/22 02:26 AM
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I can't and I don't want to forget about you, but at least I understood that you don't want me.. me as I am ...

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Sat 06/11/22 02:57 PM
Thank you so much Larsi. :wave::rose:

I think that was some technical stuff because I was trying to answer in a post by "the quote" and it wasn't possible, but when I tried only post in this thread everything is ok.

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Sat 06/11/22 02:53 PM
Hi Leonie, :wave::rose:

You are right in saying that it "doesn't matter where we find or meet the right person", because...

One of the most beautiful feelings is to meet in our life that someone special, loving them and being loved with reciprocity.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Sat 06/11/22 02:20 PM
Hi Delightfulillusion, :wave::rose:

I hope you are having well.

Please be be so kind and tell me why I can't post anything?
I'm blocked?

Thank you so much and Have a beautiful weekend!

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Sat 06/11/22 04:13 AM
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My Lovely Nicole :hugging:❤,

Carpe Diem, I'm glad that you were mentioning it. I have always adored the poems and quotes pertaining to it :rose::sparkles:

Have a wonderful day :cherry_blossom::sparkles:. You glow always in your stunning thoughts and make me an admirer for them.

((Carpe Diem))
Blow high, blow low!
No longer borrow
Care for tomorrow:
Take joy of life, let care go!
- Madison Julius Cawein

My Lovely Aatheera, :hugging: :rose:

Nothing at all is like the inner beauty of the soul.. so precious, rare, individual, unique.
I always enjoy your beautiful presence. :heart:

We can't count the beautiful shimmering stars in the sky and we can't count each 
grain of golden sand among the azure waters of the ocean but each of them is like a beautiful particle of the soul...

I wish your soul touches the joy of the present day.
Sending you my warm thoughts and a small beautiful seashell which is a hidden treasure of ocean waves - a strong and gentle part of nature that will fulfill your heart with all this positive energy. :blossom:

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”
— Henry Ford

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Sat 06/11/22 03:15 AM
What is your opinion? :wave:

"A new paper suggests partners who meet online are more likely to be compatible than those who meet in person. The paper adds to a growing body of research suggesting marriages that start online are stronger and last longer than relationships that start offline"

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Sat 06/11/22 03:00 AM
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Polish Sex Quiz

1. A clitoris is a type of a flower: T or F
2. A pubic hair is a wild rabbit: T or F
3. It is dangerous to have a wet dream under an electric blanket: T or F
4. A Menstrual cycle has three wheels: T or F
5. Fellatio is an Italian dagger: T or F
6. Semen is a term for sailors: T or F
7. An anus is a greek word denoting a period of time: T or F
8. Testticles are found on an octopus: T or F
9. Asphalt is a medical term used to describe someone
with rectal problems: T or F
10.Masturbate is something used to catch large fish: T or F
11. Kotex is a radio station in Dallas,Texas: T or F
12. Copulation is sex between two consenting police officers: T or F
13. A vulva is an automobile from Sweden: T or F
14. The term 'spread-eagle' ia na extinct bird: T or F
15. A rectum is what you are taking this test: T or F

That's the point. Unfortunately a list is a long enough...

What is sad most of them haven't a lot in common with being a man at the level.
No matter where I met a Polish man in my professional and private life, no matter the situation, no matter their education and status of prosperity.
It is like a pattern to which I don't suit.
Being rude is like one snowflake on the top of Mount Everest.

I presume this is about mentality and conveyed family values.

Of course, always is an exception to every rule, but in this case, is so rare.

Have a beautiful weekend Beachfarmer!:wave:

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Sat 06/11/22 02:56 AM
Hi Di, :hugging::rose:

So nice that you are! Have a beautiful weekend!:blossom:

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Tue 06/07/22 01:15 PM
Unfortunately, what is unacceptable for them but I am allergic to Polish men, no matter how attractive they seem to be..

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Tue 06/07/22 12:40 PM
For all gorgeous Ladies which I had a pleasure met here and for all Gentlemen from Mingle, :wave::rose:

"Carpe Diem" :blush:

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Tue 06/07/22 12:20 PM
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
~~Bernard M. Baruch

Hi TechFairy, :rose::wave:

I also find in your quotes beautiful and priceless thoughts. :blush:

Have a beautiful week and as Marylin Monroe said..

"Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.”


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Tue 06/07/22 12:13 PM
My Lovely Nicole :hugging:❤,

So peaceful it is to be around you:rose::sparkles:
You are always precious for me and a bonding with you is my treasure :cherry_blossom:

I love to read your posts always and get the boost of your hugs from them ❤

Have a beautiful weekend my dearest and dedicating this quote to you :innocent:

"Rose never propagandize its fragrant, but it's own fragrance spreads surrounding" - Sukarno.

My Lovely Aatheera, :rose::hugging:

For me, this is always a beautiful "Carpe Diem" time when I find your priceless thoughts.

I hope that the breeze of delicate and tiny droplets of azure water will touch every beautiful moment in your life, the rays of the rising sun in so many colors from light pink to golden will smile at you every morning and the twinkling stars of the night will soothe your soul with warmth.

Always and forever, these gorgeous stars embrace your soul with love from the beauty of the Universe.:heart:
May your week will be filled by love..

"Her inner beauty makes her outer beauty incredibly beautiful."
Stephanie Lahart

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Sat 06/04/22 01:37 PM
It's me :rose:

Roses are red, violets are blue, bring me all the flowers, and maybe a little wine too!🥂

Maybe someone with beautiful brown or blue eyes :wink:

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Sat 06/04/22 01:26 PM
Aw thank you Nicole. I love Belgian chocolate (I googled Leonidas) lol.

Although I’m not a great wine fan of wine I would mix it with some lemonade and it would go down a treat :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Leah, :blossom:

These chocolates come from a small chocolate factory in Belgium but are delicious.

Have a wonderful weekend and full of sun! :sunny:

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Sat 06/04/22 01:03 PM
A Light martini and a strawberry daiquiri

Hi Beautiful Leah, :wave::blossom:

It was for Mr. Slim :blush:

For you:rose: A chocolates from Leonidas and I hope you like them and Italian original wine Prosecco :blush:

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Sat 06/04/22 12:56 PM
I will be so happy :blossom: I love traveling :wink: The especially I would love to visit Canada and U.S.

A Brioni Italian tailor-made tuxedo and bottle of Bourbon!

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Sat 06/04/22 12:43 PM
Glad to hear that, thank you so much Slim gym :wave::blush:

It is always with great pleasure that I spend my time in such great company on the forum :rose:

Wishing you Slim, a beautiful weekend, hope you will have a pleasant time :sparkles:

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Sat 06/04/22 10:09 AM

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Sat 06/04/22 10:01 AM
Only true

Hi Beautiful Leah, :blossom:

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