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Sat 04/23/22 04:29 AM
Innocent, unconditional love ... Do you think such love exists?

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Fri 04/22/22 09:20 AM
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My dearest Aatheera, :rose:

You don't even know how much joy your letters give me, how they embrace my soul with peace and beautiful feelings.
It means so much for me.❤

I'm so grateful for your prayers.
You're always in mine. :hugging:

I'm sending you.. beautifully fragrant petals of roses, hidden in a glass bottle, their rose scent and burgundy color will remain in it forever ...

I dedicate you this sentence...with my warm thoughts.

"Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories."

- Ronald Reagan.

Thankyou Lovely Nicole, every word and thought from you means so precious for me :hugging:

You stood in my thought when I read the below lines hence quoting it for you ❤
Love you always :bouquet:

"When I think of you, I think of kindness, wisdom and love. Thanks for being you" - Sam Crow

My dearest Aatheera,:rose:

I'm sending you and your loved ones my warm thoughts. :hugging: :heart:
When you will see on the night skies most brightly shimmering star, it will be part of my soul. :star2: :sparkles:

May the stars which beautifully sparkle by night and the warmth of the sun's rays in the morning always cares about you with love.

"There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.”

— Diana Cortes

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Fri 04/22/22 05:23 AM
Hi Crystal, :rose::hugging:

I would love to thank you so much for sharing this intriguing article.

I found it very interesting.

I enjoy the reading about the correlation between personality traits and the stars system.
I appreciate it because I am passionate about astronomy and I love stars.

Have a beautiful weekend!

My thought, which I dedicate to you! :star2:

"Among all these wonderful shimmering stars in the Universe, your one beautiful, unique soul is so special..."

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Wed 04/20/22 04:36 AM
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Catch fabulous impressions

My dearest Aatheera,:rose:

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
I'm sending you the beautiful touch of a warm sunrise and the smile of the spring.:hugging::sunny:


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Mon 04/18/22 06:49 PM
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I didn't mean to offend you.

Happy Easter Bob!

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Mon 04/18/22 06:24 PM
Smigus Dyngus was my wrestling name.

Polski Ogorki was my finishing move

:wink: One very important thing, these Polish girls are only wet, not undress..:wink:

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Mon 04/18/22 10:35 AM
Strawberries elf

Hi Merry,:rose: :wave:

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Mon 04/18/22 10:11 AM

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Mon 04/18/22 09:53 AM
The same time :sunflower:


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Mon 04/18/22 09:52 AM

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Mon 04/18/22 09:50 AM
Graceful :sunflower:

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Mon 04/18/22 09:42 AM
Splendid year

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Mon 04/18/22 09:38 AM
Bewitching just perfect


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Mon 04/18/22 09:12 AM
Hi Di, :rose:

Heart enchanted

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Mon 04/18/22 09:02 AM
Nightly skies

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Mon 04/18/22 08:55 AM
Gorgeous beautiful object


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Mon 04/18/22 08:41 AM
Excellent news

Hi Ann and Röbīn, :rose::wave:

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Mon 04/18/22 08:37 AM
It's impossible to read in mind without letters :wink::rose:


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Sun 04/17/22 10:58 PM
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Hope you All have a beautiful Easter time, full of joy! :rabbit2:

Always a pleasure to hear from All of you. :hugging:

I would like to share a "funny" Easter custom from Poland.

Today is The Wet Monday (Śmigus-Dyngus in Polish) also known as Easter Monday or Lany Poniedziałek and is a holiday in Poland.

Is a day of fun, especially in the countryside, because the boys are pouring water on the girls in whole buckets.
Usually, it is cold water. :sweat_drops::ocean:

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Sun 04/17/22 10:32 AM
Your description of your adventures are beautiful, Nicole. I'm obsessed with Italy especially Milan and Rome. The beaches are beautiful too.
I can't wait to visit :rose:

Hi Merry, :rose:

Your kind words bring me so much joy.
Thank you so much. :blush:

If we can hide our beautiful memories, in a small part of our heart and soul, they always will be there.
Like a small box which we close by key with a small padlock.
These magnificent memories are only yours.

In beauty of Italy you can discover and feel this lovely touch of so many magnificent colors, incredibly special
smells, heavenly tastes, smiles..
Shells, which I found on the beach are beauteous art of nature.

Everything is uniquely beautiful and unforgettable.

Each part of these wonderful feelings which touched me there was like blossom tree with beautiful flowers.:blossom:


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