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Mon 09/05/22 11:12 AM
I am an Ex-Military Veteran, and I Love America !!

Happy Holiday Everyone !!

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Mon 09/05/22 11:09 AM
In Many Parts of the Middle East, there are NO Female Parts Showing, because They are Forced to Wear a "BURQA".

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Mon 09/05/22 10:36 AM
It Takes Many Sheep, to Satisfy One Wolf.

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Mon 09/05/22 10:26 AM
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Mon 09/05/22 10:12 AM
I Need a Seriously Good Women.

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Mon 09/05/22 10:09 AM
Is that like a Muslim in Christian Mississippi ?

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Mon 09/05/22 06:44 AM
I live in the Leftist Liberal Demorats Sanctuary
City of New York.
My Local Police Precincts are the 109th and 110th and 111th in Queens County. And they All have been "DEFUNDED" !!
Thanks to the Communist Politicians, My Ancestral Home is a Fetid Sewer of Drug Dealers and Store Robbers and Homeless people and Illegal Aliens.

I have to Sleep at Night, with a "GUN" Next to Me !!

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Mon 09/05/22 05:10 AM
Edited by EROS on Mon 09/05/22 05:11 AM
I Quit on My Own Smoking a Pack a Day Cigarettes,

I Quit on My Own Drinking a Bottle of Booze a Week.

But I have No Will Power when it Comes to the Beautiful Ladies.

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Mon 09/05/22 05:04 AM
HIYAH Ladies.

I have Underwear Older than 30 Years.

But This Olde Pirate is Still Available.

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Sun 09/04/22 07:19 AM
Cougars are Beautiful and Powerful and Generous, But They are Dangerous.

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Sat 09/03/22 07:24 PM
In the Holy Religion of Islam, A Married Man is Allowed to Flirt With Other Women.
And He can have 5 Wives.
And He can Beat Them if He is Displeased with Them.
( taken from Al-Qur`an )

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Sat 09/03/22 07:13 PM
I "Applaud" All You Church Ladies that Delete Those Dirty Minded Single Men Asking for that Disgusting Human Function.

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Thu 09/01/22 04:56 PM
She is as Free and as Pretty as the Wild Flowers in the Meadows.
But when the Morning Sun Rises, The Wild Flowers Wither in the Fields.

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Sat 08/27/22 01:06 PM
some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti.

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Fri 08/26/22 05:33 AM
Yes, get a Job, and Pay the "NEW" Taxes that the Communist Democrats have Imposed on Middle Class America, with their "SO CALLED" Billion Dollar Cost, Inflation Reduction Act Bill.
Then have the "NEW" Armed I.R.S. Agents Arrest You.

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Thu 08/25/22 02:09 PM
In the Whirlwinds of Love, If You Let the Embers in Your Fireplace Fade, All That You Will have Left, is "Regrets"

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Wed 08/24/22 02:32 PM
Hello All You Lovely Ladies Out There in the New York City Area.

I am Trying to Convince My Wife to have a Threesome with a Lesbian.
She is Almost Willing to Try it.

Can Anyone Give me some Tips ??

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Sat 08/06/22 06:36 PM
Hey Everybody, Excellent Examples of what Not to put in Profiles.

I will Immediately Delete the References to Threesomes and Fetishes.


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Fri 05/13/22 02:23 PM
Members Here BEWARE !!

There are Men from Russia, posing as Single Love Starved New Yorkers, Trying to get Money from Us !!

They have a Huge List of Sad Stories to tell !!

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