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Thu 09/08/22 12:50 PM
I am Ready to Find My Cellmate.
I mean Soulmate.

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Thu 09/08/22 05:41 AM
I am Saira.
Fly Me.


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Wed 09/07/22 03:16 AM
It is Easier to have a Threesome with "Bigfoot" and "The Loch Ness Monster", then to Find True Love.

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Tue 09/06/22 05:46 PM
I`ll Bet a Fiddle of Gold against Your Soul, that I am Better than You.

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Tue 09/06/22 05:23 PM
After a Hardy Bull`s Penis Soup,
I enjoy eating "Balut" and "Kamaru".

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Tue 09/06/22 03:39 PM

I read the article you posted, not very convincing. I never read that he denounced it , only that he didn’t support defunding but said he agrees with their principles. Reform means you don’t agree with the way police have been protecting citizens for 200 plus years, and you want to change that. How about reforming the criminals by locking them up and not releasing them to commit more crimes on innocent people. Let’s start there and the democrats police problem will fix itself.

There are plenty of problems with the police. It's not okay to steal money with "civil forfeiture" and murder unarmed citizens under "qualified immunity." Some officers turn off their body camera before beating suspects and/or planting evidence, then file false police reports. Some things need to be fixed.

If You Truely Want to Help Fix Problems in Our Country. May I suggest You Take in a Few Hundred Illegal Aliens from the Mexican Border, Into Your Home, and the Bruno Area.

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Tue 09/06/22 02:39 PM
I am Real !!

Tell Me Your Fantasy.

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Tue 09/06/22 01:58 PM
FUNNY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When I Tell the Ladies that I am Unemployed, They Delete Me !!

When I Tell the Ladies that I have a High Paying Job, They Blow Kisses to Me.

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Tue 09/06/22 01:53 PM
I had a Mixed Breed.

Half Chihuahua and Half Great Dane.

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Tue 09/06/22 01:48 PM

Let's see, I've been celibate now for more than 42 years. How's that for willpower?

No S ex for 42 Years ??

You Need New Friends, Like Jim Beam, Johnny Walker,
Smith and Wesson.

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Tue 09/06/22 04:54 AM
Hey you Lovely Ladies out there.

for Only 5 Mingle Crypto Coins and a Foot Massage,
I will be Your Sweet and Loving Husband.

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Tue 09/06/22 04:43 AM
I am from Queens County New York City.

Are there any Gals out there in My Neck of the Woods ??

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Tue 09/06/22 04:35 AM
My Comfort Food is
Fava Beans with a Nice Bottle of Chianti.

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Tue 09/06/22 04:33 AM
You Put Your Mingle Crypto Coins into the Slot, and the Curtain Goes Up, to See the Naked Dancing Girls.

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Mon 09/05/22 01:43 PM
My Doctor, Doctor Kevorkian, gave Good Treatment.

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Mon 09/05/22 01:19 PM
Whats on the Agenda Today ??

I am having an Old Friend for Dinner,
with some Fava Beans, and a Nice Chianti.

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Mon 09/05/22 12:58 PM

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Mon 09/05/22 12:39 PM
Watch Out for the Forum Police !!

Lonely ??

How about the January 6 Political Prisoners,
who have been in Solitary Confinement for
8 Months Now, Without a Trial, and Most Without Family Visits ??!!

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Mon 09/05/22 11:35 AM
Name 3 Things ?

#1 - Going to the Wicca`s Temple and Partaking in the Witch`s Sabbath.

#2 - Necking in the Woods, and running into Bigfoot,
for a Threesome.

#3 - Telling the Female Prison Guard, with the 5 O`clock Shadow, and with the Cattle Prod,
that I Love it.

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Mon 09/05/22 11:16 AM