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Topic: What's on the agenda for today?
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Thu 02/04/21 07:57 AM
How is everyone doing today?:blush:

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Thu 02/04/21 09:22 AM
would be better with you

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Thu 02/04/21 09:24 AM
remote work as usual and this is all the social contact I have these days

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Thu 02/04/21 01:56 PM

How is everyone doing today?:blush:

Welcome to M2.

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Thu 02/04/21 02:51 PM
What's on the agenda for today?

Moving snow looks like.

Yippee! :angry:

RockHammer's photo
Thu 02/04/21 03:30 PM

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Fri 02/05/21 01:51 AM
Have to get some larger grocery shopping done as it's going to be really shite winter weather for at least a week. If the roads get slippery I cannot cycle and I sure as heck won't drive!

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Fri 02/05/21 11:11 AM
Shovelling snow.

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Fri 02/05/21 11:14 AM
Probably nothing..

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Sun 02/07/21 03:08 AM
Recording a love / Valentines reading for my channel.
Paying a dentist bill from last year.

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Sun 02/07/21 04:32 AM
Working a six hour shift this morning, then going home to do housework, and bake chocolate chip cookies

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Sun 02/07/21 05:55 AM
Humm taking my dog to the vet to get her yearly shots and pills for flea's and ticks~~~ real exciting hahahaha...

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Sun 02/07/21 06:28 AM
It's a different day.. so I'm going to a friend's to hang out, drink beer, watch the game.

bobtail76's photo
Sun 02/07/21 06:52 AM
Making chili...and once this pot of coffee is done, switch to beer - then watch the game.

blah..blah..'s photo
Sun 02/07/21 07:12 AM
After a good walk in the snow, I'm now sorting my playlists out, exciting times huh!

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Sun 02/07/21 07:46 AM
Done what I'd planned to do. The only thing left on the agenda for now is dinner :)
And maybe play a bit with my newly arrived Love Oracle Cards!

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Sun 02/07/21 11:57 AM
The whole reason I didn't watch the NFL this or last year is because of the way they took a game and forced politics into it. I just put it on the pregame show, and it hasn't changed. I muted the TV and am playing tunes - It will be another 365 days until I watch another


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Sun 02/07/21 01:20 PM
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Sun 02/07/21 10:19 PM

How is everyone doing today?:blush:

I am very happy. Chilling today. How are you?

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Sun 02/07/21 10:47 PM
Gotta get through tonight before I think about today.

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