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Fri 03/24/23 05:48 AM

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Wed 03/22/23 05:17 PM
I'm happy for you and I'm sure Nila will be over joyed once you decide this one is the one and bring them home.. It will give Nila something to focus on... She is missing her buddy...

And kuddos for choosing the Animal Shelter.. to find her a buddy.. Seems at times when animals are being rescued even those that you already have seem to know they were in a bad place..And tend to take to them even more then they normally would.. <3

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Sun 03/19/23 10:15 AM
delightfulillusion - thank you for your kind words..appreciate the well wishes.:heart:

Slim gym --- awwe thank youbigsmile

Aatheera --- yes words from the soul tends to portray the feelings within. thank you for reading.flowerforyou

JulieABush-- thank you ~~ biggrin

亗 Ꮢ Ꭷ Ᏸ ɨ Ꮑ 亗-- thanks for reading..:thumbsup:

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Sat 03/18/23 07:42 PM
To me one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through beyond loosing a Parent/ grand parent is loosing a fur buddy..

They are not in this world long but yet they love those that take care of them and give them a little loving.

Myself I'm a dog lover yes I have had cats at one time never inside.. But well they were more strays they only came home to eat and get a little attention and off they went..

My fur baby is a Cocker Spaniel, she just turned 16 years old, I have had her since 2007 which the vet said she was from 7-12 months old at the time she was a resue. From day one she has walked beside me anytime we were in the house or even in the backyard.. She would follow me when I mowed the yard with the self propelled mower.. lol With the riding mower she sits between my feet since I control the mower with my hands I cross my legs around her so she is locked in..

As far as getting another cat for Nila, when animals are use to having a companion many times it is best to find them one.. If possible let her pick. When you find one that you are interested in ask if you can bring Nila.. I'm sure she will let you know if they are a good pick or not.. maybe even a younger one she will be able to be like a mother it.

It all depends on what they are use to. Like mine she is use to being alone when I'm gone.. When I'm home she is always near :heart: Yeppiers even sleeps with me.. This one when it comes that time is gonna hurt bad.

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Sat 03/18/23 03:59 PM

Stuck in fantasy you used to believe was reality…

Fantasy's are just that, something one wants to be real but never was..

At times one has to come out of their dream world, and face the world as it is..

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Sat 03/18/23 03:56 PM

I am 74 and have not forgotten anything.

Fantasy and reality become well-defined.

I bet you are plain lying .... about the age part !!!!

laugh laugh If that is what you think you really don't know her..

Truth is she does not look her age at all.. She is one hell of a lady I have been blessed to know as a friend...bigsmile

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Fri 03/17/23 05:33 AM
"Happy Birthday in Heaven Daddy"

I miss you so much.
No longer, can I feel your touch.
It’s been eight years now.
I still wonder how.
As I remember the past.
It happened so fast.
I remember answering the phone.
The words I heard chilled me to the bone.
All I heard was Daddy’s gone.
I felt so withdrawn.
I got into my car to drive.
I did not want to believe you were not alive.
When I arrived I sat in dismay.
All I could do was sit and pray.
There were tears in everyone’s eyes.
We did not even get to say our goodbyes.
It’s still hard to believe today.
That you went away.
I know you’re with God above.
You’re with your true love.
That day we laid you to rest.
My heart fell out of my chest.
When the services began.
I knew mom and you were together as one.
As I think of you this month.
March the seventeenth.
It is your very special day.
Daddy, I wish you a Happy Birthday.

I wrote this 12 years ago...

Daddy 3/17/1926 - 1/7/2003
Love and miss you :heart:

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Thu 03/16/23 11:04 AM

I have been telling them to checkout my FB presence which means they have to have a FB presence also. I can check out past posts and interests. I dont think scammers use FB.

Humm hate to tell you there are Scammers on FB just like any other site. Heck I play Spades online and get hit up by scammers there too..

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Thu 03/16/23 11:01 AM
Humm nothing much in your profile except pictures so 4-5 for a half way completed profile.

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Wed 03/15/23 03:30 PM
Go to Account -- then Settings- click on Mail Settings-- put in your new email and don't forget to click on Update Settings or it will not save the new one...

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Mon 03/13/23 06:30 AM

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Sat 03/11/23 09:37 AM

Help me please i purchased mingle plus but unlimited messages and my other mingle plus features don’t work.

Just curious is this your only profile?? If not maybe you created more than one and don't remember which one you paid on..slaphead

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Mon 03/06/23 05:39 PM
Honestly, I have to agree with Poterywriter~~~ Way too Negative..

In the first place when I see intimate encounter, as a choice along with relationship etc all they are looking for is the intimate encounter. It is a big turn off..

Truth is if there is a connection between two people it is going to happen..

By the way do you really think that Scammers bother to read your profile??

Scammers are on Facebook.. Hell I play Spades on FB and I get contacted by Scammers every day! People need to wake up. Learn what to look for when someone contacts you and deal with it..

Ohh and when you POST IN CAPS!! others consider that as Yelling~~ it is rude.. But then the only thing you addressed on your profile is directed towards scammers...

Just saying, instead you should say a little about yourself and what or who you would like to meet. If you really want to meet someone then you need to catch their attention. Those that are legit are the ones that actually read profiles.. flowerforyou

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Sat 03/04/23 09:02 AM

So, you would have us believe, that a
36-year-old healthcare worker from Michigan was
given Top-Secret information about world
affairs..and did nothing about it, except post
to a dating site, years after the fact??

I cannot find any believable points in your post.

I totally agree think some one has been eating too many mushroomslaugh laugh laugh laugh

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Tue 02/28/23 06:17 AM
Humm ~~ there has to be more than just one picture to rate a profile~~~ Yours is empty so 0~~

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Thu 02/23/23 04:36 PM
Humm puppies are sweeter then most people so that might be a good compliment.

When someone calls you puppy, it is said as a good thing, that you are cute, small, and cuddly, like a puppy.

Now if they call ya a dog~~~ well they could be saying that one is dirty, or unfaithful, or a skirt-chaser..

Humm so see puppy is not that bad..

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Thu 02/23/23 04:19 PM

Txsgal……Perhaps you should read the article.

FYI I read the article even posted what was said in it above..

Which what he said was true Biden has not been there and they have not gotten the help they need~~

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Thu 02/23/23 01:19 PM
Humm so what is it he was suppose to say that was false???

Is it because he made a number of sweeping statements, criticizing Biden administration’s and Norfolk-Southern’s response to the toxic train derailment.

What is false about that Biden has not been there nor have they got the help that is needed..

Ohh but let Biden send Billions more to Ukraine, while those in Ohio are in a world of hurt..

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Tue 02/21/23 07:01 PM

I've discovered, that after 2 1/2 months being
laid up in hospital beds, my attitude has changed
a bit.

Click the link.
I dare ya. bigsmile

I discovered your link does not workwhoa slaphead

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Tue 02/21/23 06:59 PM
Humm sounds like you created 2 profiles with the same email addy...

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