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Tue 05/28/24 10:42 AM
Humm so did they send you that in your personal email or here??

They need to contact support themselves about the issues..

Normally they will only look into issues if the member themselves contact them..

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Thu 05/23/24 04:25 AM

It has been reported IT knows about it and working on it..

then why you suggested above steps?

Because those are the steps I had to use to get to them. duh~~~

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Thu 05/23/24 04:24 AM
Humm so you put up fake pictures and even admit it on your profile..

Then you expect the site not to take action.. yeah right..

Most likely your picture privileges were revoked for a time being.. Due to false info leading others on..

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Wed 05/22/24 08:36 AM
You can't likes are just likes.. Myself I never go off those... Cause too many are not even in the area I live in..

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Wed 05/22/24 08:33 AM
There is no such thing on this site..

Not all pictures get verified it is randomly done..

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Wed 05/22/24 08:32 AM
I'm with Mortman, ditch the dark pictures and put up a few that you can see your face or body better...

Other than that leave everything else the rest is fine..

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Tue 05/21/24 02:19 PM
Actually tacos and burritos are Mexican-style sandwiches...

Tortillas is their bread of choice~~

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Tue 05/21/24 08:22 AM
It has been reported IT knows about it and working on it..

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Tue 05/21/24 07:23 AM
You have to follow the steps above every time~~

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Tue 05/21/24 07:03 AM

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Tue 05/21/24 07:01 AM
Humm did you even bother to click where it says VIEW PEOPLE ONLINE.

Then click on "Try expanding your search preferences"

Then filling out Search Singles and click Search???

If so you would be able to see those online within the area you picked and age~~

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Sun 05/12/24 03:47 PM

Good poem:thumbsup: :wink: .

Thank you Julie..

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Sun 05/12/24 07:16 AM

B:cherry_blossom:E:cherry_blossom:A:cherry_blossom:U:cherry_blossom:T:cherry_blossom:I:cherry_blossom:F:cherry_blossom:U:cherry_blossom:L :sparkles:

Thank you Robin~~~

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Sun 05/12/24 05:56 AM

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Sun 05/12/24 05:48 AM

"A Mother's Love"

My mothers love, comes from above.
In my dreams she sends me her love.
As I sleep I feel her arms wrap around me.
Knowing this is the only way it can be.
For you see God called her away.
As I think of her today.
I look at her picture in the frame.
As I whisper her name.
As I look in the mirror I can clearly see.
That she is looking back at me.
So many years have passed.
They went by so fast.
At times it would make me sad.
Then I would think about dad.
Of the many tears he must have shed.
Thinking what kind of life was ahead.
In my dreams I remember hearing her say
Baby, I’m here everything will be okay.
I opened my eyes to see the morning sunlight.
Remembering my dream I had during the night.
She told me that I must always believe.
That it was not her choice to leave.
That even if we were apart.
She loved us with all of her heart.
Mom I know you would have been the best.
Mother anyone could have had for we were blessed.
You would have given us all your love.
But, God needed you with him above.
A set of wings you did earn.
God knew of your love and concern.
So in our dreams you were able to send your love our way.
And today we want to say We Love You & Happy Mothers Day!
K.L.M "2009"

(I wrote this several years ago love ya mom):tulip::sparkling_heart:

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Thu 05/09/24 07:33 AM

@"Jaan Doh",

Start the "50+ age" thread in the right forum, and see if it gets deleted again.

Winner winner chicken dinner~~

Ya know if it is about 50 and older then that is where it goes, in the 50 and above forum..

Dating & Relationship Forum is not an about me forum it is for Questions and Answers about Dating /Relationships that all can respond too..

And yes they do not send you a reason why the only time that was done was when there were Mods.. And those were not just emails to let you know why, they were emails due to they counted as a warning after so many warnings you were suspended from the forums..

Now you get suspended you will find out when you can't post in the forums which you get an automatic reply when you are suspended for how long..

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Tue 05/07/24 03:57 PM

OWWWeeeee! Texasgal you spank hard! I admit I didn't read the profile, I bad. But anyone on here who says money is not important to them is not being honest. Really you would date a,broke azz homeless person? ( and I mean homeless by choice.) Just because they have a wonderful personality yea right.

Awww but her question was not is money important in a relationship.

Her question was is Money more IMPORTANT in a RELATIONSHIP?

To me it has never been more important. Yes it is a factor one must have in order to make it in this world..

But I still say it is not the most Important!

Relationships should be based off of love not how much money they have..

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Sat 05/04/24 04:50 AM

How to keep Boost confined to my search area? I just had a boost and I got a million likes that I don't want from out of state.

You have no control over what profiles you see on Boost .. This is a international site only control you have is who can actually send you emails..

You have to set your email limits to do that go to Account- Settings-Limit Who Can Send You Mail- set your setting and click Change Preference and that will only let those email you that is within the area you live..

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Thu 05/02/24 09:11 AM
Humm actually he is still correct for Biden had only been in office for 3 months, it did take him a bit longer for his Bills and things he changed to kick us in the arse..

Biden took office 1-20-21, wow 3 years and 3 months..

So at that time it had not gotten to point anyone realized what Biden was doing or had done as of yet~~

But go ahead and stretch that story a little farther than the Media already has..:thumbsup:

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Mon 04/29/24 05:13 AM
Maybe take time and read the forums.. They even have a blog that discusses about Scammers what to do etc..

Why spam the forums with the Topic members have other things they would rather talk about than Scammers..

They have a Report System in place to report them.. If they are reported the correct way they can deal with them..they don't read the forums what should be reported through the system..

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