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Wed 01/11/17 05:04 PM
Never had it but sounds YUM!

Just made some curry chicken over rice

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Wed 01/11/17 03:31 PM
There is your problem. You say you are "desperate", no woman finds that attractive. You need to be strong and confident in yourself first. Work on you and love will find you.

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Wed 01/11/17 02:16 PM
Math. I hated it. Still do lol.

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Wed 01/11/17 02:15 PM
Neither. I am donating my body to science.

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Wed 01/11/17 12:40 PM

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Wed 01/11/17 12:38 PM
I love my golden retriever. So loyal and loving, always eager to please.

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Wed 01/11/17 12:32 PM
Investigating the inside of my eyelids lol.

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Wed 01/11/17 11:57 AM
I am kind of excited for the new 50 Shades movie as well. It has been too long since the first one. I have already reread all the books LOL

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Wed 01/11/17 11:05 AM
Free WiFi

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Fri 01/16/15 12:09 PM
I am 34 and my husband is 66, I see nothing wrong with it as long as both are happy. To me age is and always will be just a number.

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Fri 01/16/15 08:17 AM
"Damn, I am still alive?"

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Fri 01/16/15 06:41 AM
Don't worry, I think you are some kind of special. Not sure what kind of special yet, but it is some kind...whoa

whispertoascream's photo
Fri 01/16/15 05:59 AM

Lol y'all too funny, for one y'all some hateing *** people for two I have two jobs and currently going to college for business administration so **** you and **** you by the way no I am not married I am separated, why cuz I Refuse to be with a shitty person with no class I don't want anyone to support me I am just in love with the older ladies

So then you are looking for a cougar not a sugar mamma. Learn the terminology. Do not want to be flamed then do not come on the boards and start talking stupidity. Seriously though what kind of comments did you expect to get when you post silliness such as this?

whispertoascream's photo
Fri 01/09/15 07:39 PM

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Fri 01/09/15 07:36 PM
If that's the case for more people on dating sites, then perhaps I should change the question to, "Why join a dating site in the first place?" Why not spend the time and energy searching in the real world?
Several profiles I've seen on various sites say that she's tired of looking in the real world, or that the results there were just as disappointing. I don't see why an online site would be considered any worse - it's generally cheaper than going out to meet people in real life, going on lots of first/blind dates and spending the money (as opposed to spending the money after you know something about the person).
Several others say that she just doesn't have the time to look for love in the real world. Is that a reason why lots of people don't stick to the dating sites for longer? They think they're wasting too much time, or not getting enough return-on-investment?


I originally joined the site, to meet people online and chat, share some stories, have some laughs, and even though I had all that I was hurt rather badly by somebody on here. Everybody joins things for different reason's. Maybe they felt like it was the right thing to do at the time, maybe they to just wanted to meet some online friends, maybe they just forget they were even here. Who knows, all one can do is move on to the next person, and hope they are the one.

I do not know everybody's reason for joining, and not participating in the site. What I do now is whatever they decide I hope they are happy and follow their heart, because in the end it is your personal happiness that matters.

whispertoascream's photo
Fri 01/09/15 06:56 PM
I gave up, because I found my husband. It was not on here, but nonetheless I found him. Now I just log on every now and again, not to think of it as a dating site, but a place to just come and chat. I use to be very active on here back when the site was called Just Say Hi, and it changed into Mingle 2. I never really got any messages except stupid ones where it is obvious they did not read my profile. I log in today and I log in to this message, "Nice very good". That's it. That was the whole message. It was contently stupidity like such, that just made me bored of the site. So I slowly just stopped coming on and eventually I found the man of my dreams in the real world. But in the past I have made some really good friends. At the same time I have trusted people on here just to be devastated in the end by them.

Online dating is hard. When talking to somebody you do not really know who you are talking to. They can show you all the pictures in the world, but in the end that is all it is, just a picture. Anybody can type words on a computer and make it sound good, but are those words really who they are? I need to hear a voice, I need to hear the tone, see the face, the expressions. I want to be able to look into your eyes, and get a sense of who you are.

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Thu 10/09/14 11:29 AM
waving Thank you so much!

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Thu 10/09/14 11:09 AM
Edited by whispertoascream on Thu 10/09/14 11:11 AM
I do not post on the forums as much as I use to, but I come by and read them every now and then, and much say I have had some good laughs for some of you during days I really need them.

I no longer live in Canada any more and spend most of my time at my property in the Caribbean.

The last time I was here I decided to update my profile as I was getting some very inappropriate messages from people.

I just received another message saying that my message was quite rude, which is never my intentions at all! I just re-read it and still cannot find anything rude about it.

I do not usually ask for people judge my profile, but I just do not want to come across as rude at all. If some of you could please just look it over for me and tell me where I am being rude it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for talking the time to read my profile blushing



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Tue 09/09/14 05:23 PM
Do not punish your child just because other people are being jerks. Just ignore them, and enjoy the dance time with your daughter. In the end the quality time is WAY more important.

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Tue 09/09/14 05:17 PM
Just watch a Chuckie movie with her, she will jump right in your arms :p

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