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Topic: your favorite dog breed
gaming16's photo
Sun 02/28/16 08:14 AM
mine is a chihuahua.

Datwasntme's photo
Sun 02/28/16 09:14 AM
was all ways Siberian Husky's

but since i have my last kid i am leaning to a mix of Siberian Husky and German Shepard

very smart and faithful

Scorelessgem's photo
Sun 02/28/16 09:49 AM
German Shepard

Sam756's photo
Tue 03/01/16 09:49 AM
English old mastiff,Bull mastiff,Rotweiller,Boerboel and more ;)

caroledee's photo
Tue 03/01/16 09:56 AM
Schnauzers - because I groom dogs as a career & Pit Bulls because I just adopted one.

kichapieters's photo
Sat 03/12/16 01:11 AM
I have a couple of shihtzu and i love them very much:wink:

Annierooroo's photo
Sat 03/12/16 01:22 AM
I have to be honest here I don't have a particular breed I love the unknown mixes.

The ones I have had have been awesome faithful family.
I normally pick up strays.

At the moment I don't have a dog but I enjoy looking at my friend's dog pictures and talking about her.

37ko's photo
Sun 03/13/16 12:32 PM
had done volunteer work at animal shelters years ago, interacted with so many different breeds... fave has to be pit bulls but dutch shepherds and saint bernards were great dogs too...most entertaining was english bulldogs they're hilarious. all dogs rule

tawana777's photo
Sun 03/13/16 12:57 PM
Yorkshire Terrier

ladyof3's photo
Mon 03/14/16 04:12 PM
As my grandson says a "chicka wa wa" (Chihuahua) LOL

Gummiente's photo
Thu 03/17/16 06:06 PM
Australian Cattle Dog, had one for almost 11 years before he passed away. Currently have an English Bulldog; he's not the brightest bulb on the tree, but he has a heart as big as the prairies.

jacktrades's photo
Fri 03/18/16 12:10 AM
Edited by jacktrades on Fri 03/18/16 12:11 AM
I have had 2 Dobermann Pinchers, and 1 Labrador Retriever in my lifetime and to be honest I loved them all, no clear favorites here ,I am a true dog lover.

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Sat 03/19/16 05:53 PM
Cocker spaniel, Beauceron (French Sheppard), Welsh springer spaniel.

garyindo's photo
Sat 03/19/16 10:44 PM

ravenman123's photo
Sun 03/20/16 12:34 PM
Border collie/great Pyrenees awesome loving and nurturing animal that has the willingness to learn and no problem taking a muggers gun wouldn't trade her for the world

no photo
Wed 03/30/16 07:23 AM
Shihtzu. Have 4 :)

no1phD's photo
Wed 03/30/16 09:02 AM
Without a doubt a Jack Russell..
One of the smartest.. breeds I have come across.. very good temperament..
Quick learners... excellent indoor dog..
Very high-energy though.. you need to keep them busy..or they will keep themselves

graygentleman's photo
Wed 03/30/16 10:02 AM
A firefighter that I loves his Dalmatians.... Surprise!!!

Although my best one was the dal mixed with bull mastiff....miss that boy tons!!!

ginwebb626chopper's photo
Wed 03/30/16 02:15 PM

BuffySummers's photo
Sun 04/17/16 04:17 PM
My favourite dog is a newfoundland which I had.

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