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Wed 04/11/18 03:31 PM
Ummm... drinking a coffee and contemplating the meaning of life...
Well okay ...I'm really just thinking about what to make for supper actually

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Wed 04/11/18 03:29 PM
First-timer ...

my only advice would be use lots of lube..

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Wed 04/11/18 03:28 PM
Only if he gets a better pool stick..

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Wed 04/11/18 02:38 AM
Yes I believe it changes... like everything in The Human Experience it's always involving always changing.. like somebody above me has posted divorce used to be taboo but now it iis widely accepted.. gay marriage once very taboo is now accepted...
So like everything it involves it changes our perception changes... we are constantly relearning changing our perception or opinion of things.... is love just a chemical reaction triggered by stimuli.... and if you don't constantly feed that stimulant love dies off... who knows

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Tue 04/10/18 05:52 PM
Well I was feeling down in the dumps..
Thanks for asking....
But I think I'll just go smoke a bong..
And slam back some beers..
That usually

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Tue 04/10/18 05:50 PM

Why do we have to hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because all of life’s lessons are taught through pain?

tears surely you dont mean that. A rainbow after the rain is not that painful :thumbsup:
.. it is if I just finished washing my

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Mon 04/09/18 05:43 PM
Wow holy baby biscuits.. I've seen everything now..well..ok. let's be real I've seen a lot worse..but a grown man in diapers and he's not a senior that's one for the books...

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Sun 04/08/18 11:14 PM
Edmonton... big shout out .

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Sun 04/08/18 11:11 PM
Umm..Sometimes !!..but then I just go out into the backyard dig them up.. look at them... say to them should have been nicer to me... then I remember why we broke up in the first place... and then I rebury them... and go back inside and continue watching The Price is

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Sun 04/08/18 11:06 PM
Well. I would probably buy more of them if they're up on the Shelf... but I don't really like it when I walk into a store and right away I get these little girl guide girls asking me to buy their cookies. .. it just comes off really

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Sun 04/08/18 11:00 PM

I'm ashamed right now !!..ashamed that I even started reading this topping.... and upon reading it further I still have no idea what it's about.... Are you ashamed of what somebody said Op.?.

Ranting Doc. It's just ranting.
..ohh.. I see now..... for a minute there I couldn't make sense of what the topic was about..but yes.. I get it now..thanks

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Sun 04/08/18 04:30 PM
I'm ashamed right now !!..ashamed that I even started reading this topping.... and upon reading it further I still have no idea what it's about.... Are you ashamed of what somebody said Op.?.

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Sun 04/08/18 04:26 PM
You know if you would just be willing to Skype naked with me ...things would go a lot hack you don't even have to be all the way I am so kidding right now believe me nobody wants to see me naked....well..ok.. I shouldn't say nobody.... there are a few that would pay good money to see me naked..... okay maybe not good money.... but a few Euro....
Okay more like pesos.....lmao.wink.wink

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Sun 04/08/18 04:21 PM
I'm really good at a game called hide the

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Sun 04/08/18 04:20 PM
I like horses especially when they're carrying little men called jockeys and especially if the horse I like... is crossing the finish line.... ahead of everyone else of

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Sat 04/07/18 09:29 AM
Umm.... posting on here of course LOL just killing a little time before I drive my oldest to his Job... and then perhaps a little window shopping for me...

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Sat 04/07/18 09:26 AM
The future of dating...
You're on it right now dating or virtual reality dating will become the norm.
Virtual reality will become the new online dating... imagine your avatar will go into a virtual bar full of virtual avatars... you will guide your avatar around this virtual bar scoping out any prospects.. potential partners... then casually walk up to them introduce yourself and hopefully they ask you to join them.... much like we used to do back in the good old days
But nowadays if you haven't noticed the good old style pick up bars are going the way of the dodo bird.... replaced with mid-range informal .. eateries.. such as Moxie's or Earls.. you know !..a place you go sit down have a drink and appetizer and check out the room but there's really no opportunity for social mingling...yup. online shopping is going to replace shopping malls getting rid of another social opportunity to meet someone offline...
Grocery stores are following suit order your groceries drive up pick them up and back home you go... getting rid of another social opportunity to meet someone....

So apparently your future dating experience will be mainly virtual online...
And with the help of VR it will become a little more sophisticated... a little more Interactive... basically you will deliver your one-liner in VR get to know each other in VR and then simply meet for the actual sex part.. and then apparently sit at home because there's nothing really more to do..
Unless you want to stop and get a drink and have an appetizer before driving over to the grocery store to pick up your groceries.. through their drive-thru LOL

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Fri 04/06/18 08:46 AM

do you have to fill form to verify your identity and use your credit card info to verify it before you meet in person
..that would be redonkulous..
Never give a stranger your personal information

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Fri 04/06/18 07:38 AM
I have acquaintances and I have a couple of true friends.... but just recently one of my acquaintances someone that I've known for at least 20 years.. died suddenly he was a very young man.. in his late 30s... made me realize maybe I wasn't as good a friend to him as he was to me... he truly was a great person he just had a way of screwing up all the time.. and for that reason I kept him at a distance.. but since his death I've struggled... and had to give things some real thought as far as why don't I have more friends in my circle... am I not trusting enough caring enough am I unable to put myself out there... and just accept people for who they are.. without prejudging....
Maybe by setting the bar so high on who I choose as friends... has kept people from wanting to be friends with me... or maybe I'm just really picky or super
Odd.... like they say nobody wants to be friends with a

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Fri 04/06/18 07:26 AM
I agree with the above I don't think we fear intimacy... But sometimes you have a fear that you may not be pleasing to your partner physically... in your naked state.. or you fear you may not be able to satisfy your partner physically... you may fear that you don't have the physical stanima.. you once did.. you may fear that you might be too fast or too slow. In achieving a orgasms... you fear that you're not in the best shape ever!!! physically.... you may fear that your new partner is too kinky or not kinky enough to giving are not giving enough too experienced are not experienced enough..... but at the end of the day I don't think we fear intimacy quite the opposite most people enjoy intimacy... it's just getting past that first time with a new partner... that point where you say you're okay with each other... intimately and you wish to continue having more of the same with them.. and hopefully they feel the same way towards you.....

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