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Sun 04/17/16 02:04 PM

Respect to you Gum, seriously.

He looks as happy as a pig in the proverbial

Thanks. It took him a while to get used to the concept and to not try and shake it off when I wasn't looking, but now he's pretty competent and running about like a normal dog. Now, if I could only stop him from trying to hamstring me with the wheel every time he motors past me from behind. I'm not totally convinced it isn't deliberate.

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Sun 04/17/16 11:34 AM

Mine would just be the grin and the beard as well :wink: :wink: :wink:

Thank you, pretty lady! blushing

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Sat 04/16/16 12:57 PM
oh and by the way Gum..I dig that grin and the beard and the camo bigsmile

Aw, shucks. blushing Thank you, pretty lady. flowerforyou

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Sat 04/16/16 06:48 AM

I am a data/information junkie.

No kidding, I never would have guessed. :wink:

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Sat 04/16/16 05:48 AM

There were 97 reports in Montreal alone

Have you BEEN to Montreal??!! Get a bellyful of poutine, a litre of Labatt's Blue and a half dozen cigarettes into you and you'll definitely see some weird stuff in the sky, too. :smile:

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Sat 04/16/16 05:47 AM

just because you say NO CREEPS in your profile does not mean they are not gonna show up anyhow

I could state no A**holes allowed

what are the odds one of em is gonna comment on that?

Pretty good odds... AW, DAMMIT! slaphead

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Sat 04/16/16 05:07 AM
It's all because of our beer. It's very strong. It makes us see things. bigsmile

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Sat 04/16/16 05:05 AM

Too many frauds on the internet.. Do you think one can be able to find a soulmate on a dating site??

I met my now ex-wife online, we lasted 13yrs together. I know of several people who have also met online and developed long term relationships, but I know several who have had one miserable failure after another. Love is a roll of the dice no matter who and how you meet someone; I think the online dating scene increases your chance of meeting "the one" by exposing you to a much larger group of strangers to choose from instead of relying on your network of friends and the bar scene.

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Sat 04/16/16 04:54 AM
As a child I was raised as a Protestant, going to church every Sunday for Sunday School and then for the service as I became a bit older. When I was 11 my parents let me decide if and when I would go to church; I chose to stop attending as playing outside on a warm, sunny Sunday held far more appeal than sitting uncomfortably on a hard bench trying to keep in tune with everyone else while they sang the selection of hymns. In my teen years I believed there was a God just like it said in the Bible, but when I went out into the world on my own and experienced the inhumanity of man towards man I began to doubt His existence. At one point I decided to check out other religions to see if they made more sense than the one I grew up with, but the more I investigated the more doubtful I became. It seemed that everyone believed their God was "the one and only" and theirs was "the path", yet none of them could prove that God (or Buddha or Allah, etc) actually existed. It is in my nature not to believe anything unless there is concrete, absolute, non deniable proof that it is so and this is where religion(s) and I part ways. All religions depend on a huge "leap of faith" to make the connection between the scripture and the existence of the deity. Well, I'm a prairie boy and an ex-soldier, I need proof.

Somewhere in my mid-20's I decided that I was agnostic, in that I did not believe in God but was fairly certain there was a higher force or a supreme being. To this day, I'm not sure that it manifests itself as a God and although I lean towards the "Big Bang" and Darwin's theory of evolution I'm still not totally convinced that a supreme being doesn't exist. Atheists, in my way of thinking, go a step further and believe there is no higher power, only our existence that has yet to be scientifically explained. I don't have an issue with that, as I don't have an issue with anyone who is religious, either. To each their own. So, if an online dating site decides to set up a separate category for non-believers and lumps the atheists and agnostics together, it doesn't bother me at all.

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Sat 04/16/16 04:31 AM

Just want to know why is it so hard to catch a good guy instead of creeps

Uh . . . you are using the wrong bait?

Nailed it.

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Thu 04/14/16 10:03 AM

did he practise that grumpy face in the mirror before the picture was taken lol

He had that look when I first met him. You would not believe how all the women melt when they see him. He's like the Lyle Lovett of the canine world; ugly as sin but women are drawn to him for some inexplicable reason. :smile:

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Thu 04/14/16 09:50 AM
Edited by Gummiente on Thu 04/14/16 09:53 AM

I'm in love with this cute little guy
Anyone say any thing about my four legged friend. I will hunt you down. Lol

Three legged, actually. Got him from the rescue like that. His one remaining rear leg developed hip dysplasia, but we found a way to keep him mobile so we can take long walkies...

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Wed 04/13/16 07:10 AM
Much obliged, Ma'am.

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Wed 04/13/16 03:04 AM
When I click on "search" and the Matches page loads, there is a an outline of a cartoon heart located to the right of every match. If I click on it, it changes to red, click it again and it changes back to an outline. I assume this is for some kind of quick reference, but this morning I noticed there was a red heart next to one of my matches that I am positive I did not click on.

So, what exactly is this heart thingy for?

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Mon 04/11/16 11:24 AM

What is the manliest thing you can do that does not involve a boner :-)

Pull the lanyard on a 155mm M109 Self Propelled Howitzer, which launches a 95lb High Explosive Squash Head bullet out of the 12ft barrel into a 7km ballistic arc that ends on target and obliterates everything within a 50m radius.

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Sun 04/10/16 08:45 AM
Edited by Gummiente on Sun 04/10/16 08:48 AM
Here, why don't y'all pick apart this guy's non-smiling pic...

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Sun 04/10/16 08:42 AM
Well, if I posted a pic of me smiling I'm sure there would still be all kinds of other petty dislikes that would negate it. Like I'm wearing a camo shirt, or my glasses aren't right, or I have a beard, or my hair is grey, or my teeth aren't perfectly white, etc, etc. Jeez, some people are overly picky.

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Fri 04/08/16 05:07 PM
How many do you need? bigsmile

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Thu 04/07/16 02:44 AM

I would just hide all the remotes .. Not necessarily liberating but would be fun to see how a man copes in a remote free world :-)

Ooooohhhhh, that's six shades of nasty right there! shocked

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Wed 04/06/16 06:05 PM

don't get mad at others because you live in a socialist country...

I don't. I live in Canada. You know, that big white mass at the top of the weather map on FOX News.

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