Topic: What is the heart for on the Match Results page?
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Wed 04/13/16 03:04 AM
When I click on "search" and the Matches page loads, there is a an outline of a cartoon heart located to the right of every match. If I click on it, it changes to red, click it again and it changes back to an outline. I assume this is for some kind of quick reference, but this morning I noticed there was a red heart next to one of my matches that I am positive I did not click on.

So, what exactly is this heart thingy for?

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Wed 04/13/16 05:02 AM
The red hearts is to show you who has matched with you. Does not mean you have said yes just basically a guideline.

Site Mod

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Wed 04/13/16 07:10 AM
Much obliged, Ma'am.

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Wed 08/02/17 10:00 PM
so your saying if you press the heart that's saying yes to a match?????????