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Wed 04/22/20 08:46 AM
oops I didn't leave munchies. I had to miss 4/20....

And like Soufie said, it's hard to munch with a gas mask on...laugh smokin waving

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Wed 04/22/20 08:42 AM
(((Dee))) flowerforyou waving Happy Earth Day!!! :earth_americas:

So good to hear you and your hubby are together again! That's the same with me and B...staying home and away from the crazies. Go to work, come home. Occasionally go out and get essential groceries.

Unfortunately I didn't get to celebrate Monday till after 9:30pm. I had to work a 10 hour shift, so it mitigated one of my favorite holidays....smokin
Oh well!

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Wed 04/22/20 08:35 AM
(((Storm))) flowerforyou waving
Looks as though I need to check back in more often. slaphead

Living vicariously through me, may not be the best laugh

The kids are doing ok. They both seem to not care that they won't be going back to school this Spring. They're doing online classes and both of them seem content with that.

I'm back to work with normal hours now, so B is happy that I'm not in her hair all the time. She's been baking up all sorts of goodies since she's had time. bigsmile

Other than that, same ole same ole. How about you, Storm.... how's things been with you?

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Thu 04/16/20 04:47 AM
Sheesh! Maybe I should've just closed down like all the rest of the bars and restaurants in real life...indifferent

Oh that's right....I don't offer delivery. frustrated sad

Maybe that's why y'all are staying away.....Oh well slaphead

That.....or it could be I haven't had much to say lately. Take your pick, I'm sure a little of both. devil Doing my best to stay safe while having to work limited hours. smokin

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Thu 03/26/20 05:24 AM
For those of us still toking up during this global pandemic.....I smokin(salute) you!

We may not be sharing, but that just shows we're caring in that way. winking

Stay safe! And remember gas mask bongs are a hot commodity these days...just sayin'!

laugh smokin pitchfork

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Tue 03/24/20 03:58 AM
waving My apologies for this being such a virtual bar. Least we can still congregate and be merry in here! drinks drinker smokin

No, Governor DeWine you may not shut this bar down. Virtual places I guess really do have a spot now a days.

Hope everyone is good, doing good and safe. For those of you having to work in places that are considered essential businesses like myself. I really wish you good health and to do whatever you can to keep yourself safe against this global pandemic that has taken over.

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Tue 03/24/20 03:49 AM
Edited by Scoobert on Tue 03/24/20 03:50 AM

Since this got turned before I got to get back in here. Only appropriate for this song from some Irish lads....

U2 - With or Without You

Ok figured it out and fixed it...:smile:

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Thu 03/19/20 08:40 AM
Edited by Scoobert on Thu 03/19/20 08:45 AM
Since this got turned before I got to get back in here. Only appropriate for this song from some Irish lads....

U2 - With or Without You

It's been too long, I can't remember how to post the link...slaphead

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Tue 03/17/20 06:37 AM
:tea:green tea
:beer: green beer
:four_leaf_clover: greens for everyone.

Happy St Patty's day y'all!! waving bigsmile smokin

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Wed 03/11/20 06:24 AM
Hey y'all! drinker waving Ya know I don't mind when you guys party in here when I'm not around. :beer::beers:๐Ÿฅ‚:champagne::wine_glass:๐Ÿฅƒ:cocktail::tropical_drink:๐Ÿฅ›โ˜•:tea::icecream::shaved_ice::ice_cream::cookie::birthday::chocolate_bar::doughnut::candy::popcorn::taco::pizza::hamburger:

Have fun! happy

Dee, on a side note.....when your hubby gets home, make sure to get some good loving....laugh I'm pretty sure you will. pitchfork

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Tue 03/03/20 09:47 AM
(((Storm))) :wave:

It's been going well, I like it. Like you said, the knowledge that I need will sink in. Just need to repeat it enough...:laughing:

That picture was taken in early November on the Lake Erie shore where we would like to have our wedding ceremony. Behind in the distance is Put-In-Bay and North and South Bass Islands. So we've got our just have to set our date.

Yup, electronics, phones, or laptops. :zipper_mouth:

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Mon 03/02/20 06:13 AM
(((Storm))) flowerforyou :v:

I'd be open to management. I know there's still a $hi+ ton of things I'd have to learn. I'm slowly getting it.

Funny you mention pliers for wipers. I had to use some pliers on some pinch tabs the other day because my hands were so cold. Oh well, just another fun filled day at the Zone...laugh

The kids just stayed inside playing their laptops and PS4's. Go figure...whoa

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Fri 02/28/20 04:14 AM
(((Storm))) waving flowerforyou

Funny you mention that about a FT position. I just found out yesterday that one of our managers will be retiring in May.

Training has been just more hands on for me. Still figuring out the computer for looking up parts. Least I've figured out how to use the battery and alternator testers, and the code reader for check engine lights. I got a good crash course in windshield wiper installation yesterday. In a 4 1/2 hour shift, I replaced about 20 different vehicles wiper blades. laugh

The family is good. We're getting adjusted to the changes. Kids had the day off yesterday, so they enjoyed a snow day!

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Tue 02/25/20 05:18 AM
flowerforyou waving (((Dee)))

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Mon 02/24/20 05:24 AM
(((Storm))) my apologies. I'm having to work a combination of first and second shifts. Thankfully the store is only open from 7:30am till 9:00pm. I'm part time for now, but there's a good possibility of getting full time soon.

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Mon 02/17/20 05:20 AM
(((Storm))) drinker Yeah, I'm excited, nervous, and anxious to get started. I had to give the custodial job up. Too many headaches were taking place with members and supposed leaders of the church. My attitude got to the point of where I felt like telling everyone to go shove everything up there A$$ and F@ยขk off.

I figured, yup time to find something else. laugh

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Mon 02/17/20 05:08 AM
((((Storm)))) waving flowerforyou We're doing good. Just sent the kiddos off to school. They're doing good with school so far yet...I start some training classes later this week for my new job.

The wedding plans have gotten put on hold for the time being. Combination of a few things is why it's been put on hold for now.

Hope things are great with you and your's. :grin:

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Thu 02/13/20 06:19 AM
Dear Anonymous scammer....

Wow! You're stupid!

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Thu 02/13/20 06:15 AM
I've gotta say, humor or humour, either way.

"Are You Being Served?" Was a show on when I was younger. Like 8 years of age, along with Monty Python.
I still get to catch Monty Python on BBC America.
The Graham Norton show cracks me up too.

I like sitcom's here in the states, but some are just not funny, no matter how much lack of writing went into anything.

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Thu 02/13/20 06:02 AM
Thanks. I still come back from time to time to check in. drinker

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