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Thu 08/13/20 06:52 AM
Cat, your lovely Dad is RIP so be strong. He never left you...Your Dad is closer to you in spirit and one day you'll see him again! Saying a prayer for you and your family!! (((((((Hugs))))))) flowerforyou flowerforyou flowerforyou

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Wed 08/12/20 04:32 PM

My father died today. Not doing anything for a long time.

So sorry for your loss Cat.

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Wed 08/12/20 08:08 AM
Happy Birthday girl! Long time not see you here. I hope you enjoy your special day! flowerforyou flowerforyou waving

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Thu 07/09/20 07:40 AM
All Summer long "Kid Rock"

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Wed 05/20/20 11:56 AM
Happy Belated Birthday Crystal!!! flowerforyou drinker flowerforyou

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Wed 05/13/20 02:21 PM
Eating dinner and watching the news

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Sun 05/03/20 06:58 PM
Mzrosie you're so funny laugh laugh

At the tine I thought I can find me a "Good men" but I'm still here looking for him :wink:

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Thu 04/23/20 01:47 PM
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Nothing because I'm at home all alone :wink:

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Fri 04/10/20 07:55 AM
:heart: :heart: Happy Good Friday!

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Wed 03/18/20 05:26 PM
I can't stand liars, cheaters and players

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Mon 03/16/20 08:01 PM
Welcome to M2 Tal vez si escribes en Ingles puedas encontrar mas amig@s! Buena suerte.

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Wed 02/26/20 04:31 PM
Praying for your sister and you Ladywind. :heart: flowerforyou :heart:

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Wed 02/05/20 05:13 AM


Are you FOX but with different name?

Lol I have to agree with mzrosie laugh

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Thu 01/16/20 12:33 PM
J.S. Ondara - “Torch Song” (Official Video)

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Sat 01/11/20 11:49 AM
I'm going to miss Argo's funny comments. flowerforyou

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Wed 01/08/20 08:44 PM
Tired and ready for bed asleep

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Wed 01/08/20 06:47 PM
Tired and cold brrr

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Tue 01/07/20 06:59 PM
I'm so sorry for your loss sad2 flowerforyou You might RIP Argo you'll be miss :cry:

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Thu 01/02/20 10:17 AM
Happy Birthday Eric! flowerforyou drinker

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Fri 12/27/19 07:03 PM

@ Maria... Mai Bhago

If there's something you want but feel you lack the courage for, then it's important to become fully committed and devoted to it, just because you believe in it and love it. This devotion will then give you the courage and it will also bring about the resources, help, and support that is needed.

I hope it resonates!

Thank you so much Chrystal! I really appreciated flowerforyou flowerforyou

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