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Mon 09/19/16 10:40 PM
Thank you flowerforyou

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Sun 08/28/16 11:41 PM
443 :wink:

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Sun 08/28/16 10:42 PM
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Sun 08/28/16 10:41 PM
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Kinilaw (raw fish in vinegar)

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Sun 08/28/16 10:38 PM
yes... I love surprising people

have you ever cook for someone and knew at the end of the day they haven't even bother touch what you prepared?

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Sun 08/28/16 10:33 PM

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Sun 08/28/16 06:00 AM

have you ever get insulted or harassed by someone here during conversation?

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Sun 08/28/16 05:58 AM

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Sun 08/28/16 05:55 AM

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Sun 08/28/16 05:50 AM
A Bitter-Sweet Phantasm

She was consumed by the mirage of happiness beyond her,
Not minding every ghosts behind the facade surrounding her
She courageously opens her palms to unravel possibilities that might develop
Devoured by the surreality of her blissful experience
Paralyzed her rationality and lived with the concept she once yearn
And became the person she once despise
It was like a whirlwind journey of emotional adventure
She felt the electrifying excitement in every inch of her nerves
It made her ignore the complexity of the route she’s taking
Aware that one day she will wake up from her enigmatic dream
And find herself in the middle of a cold, dark and misty wreathe of truth

Walking through a narrow and uncertain road
Guided only by the affirmation and glimpse of re-assurance of eternity
Fear as her only defence
She was left wandering in the midst of an ambiguous direction
Where her armour of Hope and Optimism
Is slowly weathered by the disappearance of light
Her thoughts disturbed by whispers of past confessions
Crippled by the idea of tomorrow she could no longer grasp
Every step she cautiously takes
Only leads her to an excruciating reality
That she has to live day after day

She struggles to breathe-out a tainted air that suffocates her throat
Trying to relinquish a heavy drop of tear that clogs her sight
Screamed the loudest silence even her shadow can't hear
Breakout from the walls that traps her which unable her to move
Wishing that tranquility would bring her peace
instead of a pinch from the arrow directly struck against her heart
That darkness would save her from the nostalgia that is playing on her head
But everything seems gruelling
Affecting her daily routine that she painstakingly conceal
Hoping that eventually she’ll live a non-pretentious life
Far away from the melancholic stage she repeatedly allow herself to go through
Finally end the charade that she has already mastered
That this time an awakening would hit her
And realize that this is all just her bitter-sweet phantasm.

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Sat 08/20/16 04:54 AM

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Mon 05/30/16 02:50 AM

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Sun 05/29/16 03:21 AM
seafood overload pasta

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Sun 05/29/16 03:20 AM

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Sun 05/29/16 03:16 AM
forums is a place to just chill and have a fun conversation bout everything flowerforyou Welcome

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Sun 05/29/16 03:12 AM
Simply Divine by Wendy Holden

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Sun 05/29/16 03:09 AM
thinking if should i or shouldnt i

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Sun 05/29/16 02:53 AM
Thought I did.. Anyhow doesn't matter I love knowing and talking with people all across the globe :grin:

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Sat 05/28/16 09:57 PM
All the series im followig are on break. Hmmm.. I'm choosing between house of cards and criminal minds beyond borders.

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Sat 05/28/16 02:56 AM
hoping for this one would be my best...

it just happened.. with the least person i expect and never expected at all

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