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Thu 02/23/12 02:11 PM
Hi Staff:
Is this site for real? I've tried to fill all the form blanks, but it will not let me finish - a window with all kinds of strange script comes up saying, "Sorry, this page is not available"!

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Thu 02/23/12 04:09 PM
Welcome, RobOnBusiness. We like to think it's real. :wink: You can finish your profile on the following page, although I'm not sure why the script that may be prompting you would not be available (seems okay on this end).

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Thu 02/23/12 04:12 PM
Of course this site is real! It made tons of Minglers live in my monitor!

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Sun 07/29/18 10:22 AM
How do I make a second profile?

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Sun 07/29/18 10:42 AM

How do I make a second profile?

Can I change my user name?
"Once an account has been created, it is not possible to change
its user name. So, in order to get a new user name, you will
have to register again. Since we only allow one Mingle2 account
per email address, you'll have to use another email address
to create the new account. For those who do go this route and
register again, be sure to deactivate your older account."

So, as dual accounts are NOT allowed, you could get another
account by deactivating your first account then getting
another email address for the new one.

Site Admin

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Wed 09/12/18 10:26 AM
Hey, I have tried to reply to messages, and receive no response. Do you have to pay to be on this site? Sorry to bother you, thanks.

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Wed 09/12/18 10:38 AM
Edited by Larsi666 😽 on Wed 09/12/18 10:39 AM
The person, you messaged, has most likely deleted his account. And this site doesn't make you pay for messaging