Topic: Rate Me Please, Be Truthful, Respectful & Not Rude or Hurtfu
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Thu 03/14/19 12:21 AM
I apprecIte any honest insights, or critiques, not criticism or negativity. Just remember the Golden Rule, Karma, & The Life Rules You Should Have Learned In Kindergarden!!! Be respectful and polite, it shows YOU have class to others. Be classy not trashy it will due well into you. Thank you for taking the time to rate me as I have requested, may your favor of kindness & the time you gave be payed forward, & to in turn come back to you one day. Be Blessed.

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Thu 03/14/19 03:43 AM
Your profile cuts off mid sentence, there are grammatical errors and a lot of emojis used. These things are off putting to some.

More photos. One zoomed in head shot is not going to get a gal. When you are a couple lookjng for a third, you should have 'couple' photos, too. Dont leave it a mystery as that comes off as deceiving.

Good Luck

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Thu 03/14/19 05:55 AM
As above

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Thu 03/14/19 03:16 PM
Truth? Good luck with that... smokin

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Thu 03/14/19 04:57 PM
I don't even know what "hurtfu" is.

As mentioned a few posts above...
Your profile cuts off, mid-sentence.

If you copied and pasted from another
source, you might wanna copy the whole
thing... Next time.