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Sat 10/12/19 01:20 PM
12 degrees centigrade, partly cloudy. It was sunny early in the day. Highs of 14 degrees A pleasant autumn day to be fair :thumbsup:glasses shades

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Tue 04/02/19 05:25 PM
rofl rofl rofl drinks

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Wed 03/27/19 04:03 AM
About as appealing as reheated McDonald's fries :confounded:

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Mon 03/18/19 08:34 AM

I would hope not, you are not my kind! I like females anyway!

I don't date men either but you did ask. Welcome to Mingle2 drinker :smile:

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Sat 03/16/19 06:09 PM
Go on then :smiley:

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Sat 03/16/19 03:55 PM
Good profile. Welcome to MIngle2

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Sat 03/16/19 03:51 PM
Welcome to Mingle2. Make yourself at home and enjoy the ambiance.

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Sat 03/16/19 12:17 PM
Welcome to Mingle2. .

Have fun ..

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Sat 03/16/19 12:16 PM
rofl rofl rofl

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Sat 03/16/19 12:15 PM
Be yourself

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Sat 03/16/19 12:14 PM
Cood freiends, conversation and goodhealth.

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Sat 03/16/19 12:13 PM
Welcome to Mingle2..

Its all good.. Make some conversation and a few frieds.. Have fun..

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Thu 03/14/19 05:57 AM
Welcome to MIngle2

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Thu 03/14/19 05:55 AM
As above

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Thu 03/14/19 05:51 AM
Welcome to Mingle2.

Enjoy and good luck.

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Thu 03/14/19 05:49 AM
Welcime to Mingle2

No need to be shy, we're just pixels of your imagination, thoughts on a screen.

Have fun here

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Wed 03/13/19 06:05 PM

can i meet some special ?

Normally I'd say good luck and have fun to new members. It seems in this case I need pray for a miracle for him?


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Wed 03/13/19 04:28 AM
Edited by Unknow on Wed 03/13/19 04:28 AM

No one has ever died because of marijuana. You can not overdose on it! There has not been one death linked solely to marijuana. Sure has it been in the system when a drunk driver kills or gets killed, yes! But it was the alcohol that caused that accident, not marijuana.
It saved my life from pain pills! Saved many of my friends lives from pills, heroin, coke, crack, etc! The only way you will die from marijuana, is if bail of it hits you on the head and crushes your spinal cord! lol

Actual there have been people who have died from ingesting marijuana. It is possible to "overdose" on it, but overdoses aren't associated with fatalities. In most states that allow recreational marijuana there are reports of children being taken to emergency rooms suffering from the effect caused by accidental ingestion. And in the case of accidents it's impossible to determine whether alcohol or marijuana was cause when BOTH were present in the system and both can impair the ability to drive.

The fact is there is still a lot to be learned about the effects of marijuana. Like I said before I think it should be legalized but to ignore the possible harmful effects that can be attributed to it's use is irresponsible. I would suggest looking at the numbers put out by New Zealand. According to their 2016 Harm Index cannabis is responsible for 32 deaths per year.

You can overdoes by over ingesting anything, even water which is an important component of our existence.

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Wed 03/13/19 02:20 AM

I neglected to look at the OP's age, before
my first reply.

Dude, if you were a single dad in your
20s, or early 30s, the chicks would be a

50? Yeah, you're gonna be single for awhile.

Why don't we just take him outback and put an end to his misery? surprised

Y'all crease me up rofl rofl rofl

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Wed 03/13/19 02:11 AM
Welcome to Mingle2

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